Television Review: The Flash

Source: The CW; Wikipedia

Brandon Anderson: Grade 8

The Flash is a television show that airs every Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. on The CW. The show is about a man name Barry Allen who was affected by an accident caused by a particle accelerator explosion. This mechanism caused Allen to acquire a startling amount of speed, from being able to run at mach speed to having his wounds heal incredibly quickly. The particle accelerator drastically affected his life, turning him into a potential “superhero.” In the present-day storyling, Allen works with his family and his friends from Star Labs to fight antagonists who threat his home of Central City. After seven months, The Flash is coming to the end of its third season, and the battle between Allen and the villain Savitar is heating up. Will the impossible man be able to beat the god of speed?

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Nike’s Hyperadapt Sneakers Introduce A Laceless Future


Luka Markovic: Grade 8

Last year, Nike introduced the Hyperadapts. These are laceless sneakers with an automatic sensor and a button to adjust the fit of the shoe to one’s foot. It was based on the high-top sneaker featured in Back to the Future Part II. Nike originally let out a draw for this sneaker in 2015.

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