Television Review: The Flash

Source: The CW; Wikipedia

Brandon Anderson: Grade 8

The Flash is a television show that airs every Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. on The CW. The show is about a man name Barry Allen who was affected by an accident caused by a particle accelerator explosion. This mechanism caused Allen to acquire a startling amount of speed, from being able to run at mach speed to having his wounds heal incredibly quickly. The particle accelerator drastically affected his life, turning him into a potential “superhero.” In the present-day storyling, Allen works with his family and his friends from Star Labs to fight antagonists who threat his home of Central City. After seven months, The Flash is coming to the end of its third season, and the battle between Allen and the villain Savitar is heating up. Will the impossible man be able to beat the god of speed?

Out of the three seasons of The Flash, the Savitar story arc of the third season has been the second best, with the Zoom story arc of the second season being the best. In this season, many new characters were introduced, such as Julian Albert, Killer Frost, Cecile Horton, Tracy Brand, Kid, and, of course, the villain Savitar. Allen’s main objective of the season was to save his fiancée, Iris West, from being murdered by Savitar. On one of his missions, he was sent to the future and witnessed West being murdered by Savitar. This inspired his motivation for the entire season, striving to change the event that led up to her death. Allen had to overcome many obstacles caused by villains such as Alchemy, Mirror Master, and Top. [Spoiler Alert!] This season was very ironic, because Savitar’s identity is a time remnant of Allen himself, so in a sense he is chasing himself.

In my opinion, The Flash’s season finale was okay, or rather mediocre. The finale definitely fit the season by being very emotional, with the ending of Allen ironically accompanying his mother to heaven for speed force and with the relationship between West and Allen. Although the finale fit the season well, it was also lacking. I thought it was corny when Harrison Wells of Earth 19 traded places with West so she would not die. It was a letdown, because I wanted West to die, and it caused the finale to miss any thrill that it was already lacking. I also did not like how Savitar was able to trick “Team Barry” so easily into allowing him to team up with them. Savitar gave the team false information, which led to Savitar blowing up their base.

In conclusion, students had different opinions of what the season should be rated out of 10. Eighth-grader Tyler Bonaparte rates it an 8/10, while his classmate Sajid Aziz gives it a 7/10. I am the middle in this situation and rate the season a 7.5/10.