Getting Ready For Field Day

Field Day
Source: Buckley Country Day School

Lindsay Fabricant: Grade 7

Field Day is an annual competition that takes place at the end of the school year at Buckley Country Day School. Every year, the students at the school are separated into two teams, Red and Blue. All first graders and any older, new students are given their teams. On this important day, students take part in many different running, throwing, and jumping races. This year’s Field Day is coming up on June 2, 2017.

Many students and teachers are getting ready for Field Day, and Athletic Director Mr. Roney Eford has been preparing for the past two months. Field Day Team Captains are busy helping to organize this important event, too. As Mr. Eford noted, “It is the nice community-building event that brings all of the constituents of Buckley together.”

As part of the annual Red / Blue competition, many competitions are held throughout the year to test the students’ strengths in academics and athletics. These events include the Math Bee, Geography Bee, Red / Blue Initiation Assembly, and the ultimate Field Day. This year, the Red team won the Geography Bee, and the Blue team won the Math Bee. Also, small competitions were held during Physical Education class for students. On rainy days, when students could not play outside, they would compete in the gym playing games such as kickball.

This year, Buckley has added another competition to earn points for the teams: the mile run. During this annual part of the students’ physical fitness testing, the fastest scoring students can earn points for their Red or Blue team. All of these competitions will add to the outcome of what happens on Field Day, which makes every student even more eager to be ready to do their best.