The Ideal Uniform

Grace Limoncelli: Grade 7

This Month’s Challenge:

Create a dream uniform for both girls and boys in the Lower and Upper Schools.

Make it colorful, comfortable, and creative! Have fun!


  • No groups with more than three people, and all three people must be in the same grade.
  • Forms must be handed in by January 5, 2013.
  • Please submit your entry to Mrs. Thomas.

Prize:​ A pizza party for the winner’s grade!

Dear B. Lord Buckley: Clueless In Calculations

Dear B. Lord Buckley,

I have recently entered the school in the second grade, and love it, but feel I am a little behind in Math (specifically the multiplication tables). Do you have any tricks for understanding and memorizing these?

From, Clueless in Calculations

Dear Clueless in Calculations,

​First of all, welcome to the school. I am sorry to hear that multiplication is not your forte, but I think I have a couple of tricks that might help. First, if you go on either YouTube or iTunes at home, there should be videos by a group called “Schoolhouse Rock,” These can help with not only times tables, but a wide variety of other subjects. In addition, you could try making study cards on Quizlet that include both the problem and the answer. Good luck and have a great year!

Sincerely, B. Lord Buckley

The Bookworm: Anne Frank: A Posthumous Superstar

Grace Limoncelli: Grade 7

Yesterday, I finished reading Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl, by Anne Frank.

I chose the book for a multitude of reasons. The first, but not the defining one, is because it is on the reading list. Next is my strong interest in World War II, the Holocaust, and the early 1940s in general. The third reason is that I started the first chapter in January, and I had to stop the book for causes unknown to me. The second to last of these reasons relates to the second reason and has to do with my mother’s indignation of having found that I read Night, by Elli Wiesel, and Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana de Rosnay (which in case you do not know are books about the Holocaust), without reading the classic diary of Anne Frank.

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Opinions: The Search For A Bright And Inexpensive Holiday Season

Grace Limoncelli: Grade 7

It has recently come to my attention, thanks to Mrs. Giordano, that there really is an economic difference between kinds of light bulbs. For instance, many use incandescent and CFL light bulbs in their homes (and holiday decorating) because of their inexpensive price tags. It turns out that it is a myth that they save money, because their lifetime is much shorter compared to LEDs and halogens.

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Rebuilding Together

Grace Limoncelli: Grade 7

During this time of rebuilding, many Americans, as well as Eastcoasters, are contemplating what they can do to aid those brutally affected by Hurricane Sandy and the following Nor’easter. Here are some ideas for community service, although not all options may be possible in each town.

  • Volunteer at the Red Cross or other charities
  • Organize collections in the neighborhood for items like food, clothing, and toiletries
  • Help out at local soup kitchens

The Eco-Aftermath Of Sandy

Grace Limoncelli: Grade 7

Because of the effects of Hurricane Sandy, many Long Islanders are now especially wondering what they can do to be ecologically friendly. Below are some ideas.

  • Conserve water by turning off the water while brushing your teeth; take short showers; keep the water pressure on “low” when possible, etc. This is necessary, because one of the important Nassau County sewage treatment plants is not in working order.
  • Conserve electricity (if you have it) so there are no surges in your neighborhood. This will make it easier for LIPA to distribute power evenly.

Obama Wins Again

Grace Limoncelli: Grade 7

It is now clear that after the November 6 election, President Obama will continue to lead the nation as president for four more years. As predicted, the vote was very close, and in many states, the competition was a nail-biter. All wish the incumbent leader well on his second term and hope that his campaign message, “Foward,” will lead the country to great heights.

We Weathered Sandy! Now What?

Grace Limoncelli: Grade 7

Long Island is finally starting to recover after the major blow of Hurricane Sandy on October 29-30. Still the work to bring some gasoline to local pumps, and give all residents power, is nowhere near being complete. Lines for gasoline stretch for many streets, and many of the stations do not even have the coveted fuel. In addition, families have been in the dark for more than two weeks and are starting to lose hope for regaining electric for Thanksgiving!

What’s more, but a Nor’easter hit these families on November 7, carrying not only strong winds but the first snow of the season. Although the “winter wonderland” is simply gorgeous, it has been an inconvenience to commuters, freezing to those without heat, and causing many schools to close their doors again. Many do not know how much longer they can take this double hit by Mother Nature.