We Weathered Sandy! Now What?

Grace Limoncelli: Grade 7

Long Island is finally starting to recover after the major blow of Hurricane Sandy on October 29-30. Still the work to bring some gasoline to local pumps, and give all residents power, is nowhere near being complete. Lines for gasoline stretch for many streets, and many of the stations do not even have the coveted fuel. In addition, families have been in the dark for more than two weeks and are starting to lose hope for regaining electric for Thanksgiving!

What’s more, but a Nor’easter hit these families on November 7, carrying not only strong winds but the first snow of the season. Although the “winter wonderland” is simply gorgeous, it has been an inconvenience to commuters, freezing to those without heat, and causing many schools to close their doors again. Many do not know how much longer they can take this double hit by Mother Nature.

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