A Note From The Editor

Dear Readers,

Seeing as this is the inaugural issue of our school newspaper, “The Buckley Bark,” I would like to explain the story of and the superheroes behind the birth and growth of the paper. As almost all things begin, “The Buckley Bark” began with an idea; a dream that would be fed by the pursuit of a place on the Executive Council and a wish to contribute to the Buckley community. In its early stages, the paper was solely fed by myself and my parents. Thank you Mom and Dad. Ideas were spun in a rose-hued cloud of gold thread; dreams, nothing more. At this point, Mr. Mercer Hall, advisor and History teacher extraordinaire, spun this golden thread into a blanket. This blanket may not have been as soft and rosy as the cloud of thread, but unlike the thread, it was real, concrete, and possible; not just a remote dream formed entirely by hope. Mr. Hall took my procrastination issues by the horns and snapped them right off. Without him, the newspaper never would have happened. Thank you Mr. Hall. In addition, I cannot go on without thanking Mrs. Sipley, Mrs. Thomas, Ms. Russac, Mr. DiMino, and Mr. Jaeger, in addition to Mr. Hall, for reviewing the first drafts of the website. Their advice and comments were priceless. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Law for sorting out a first-time website builder’s tech issues. Finally we get to the part of the story where all the knights in shining armor come in. For the paper at least, they came in the form of dedicated and hardworking fellow seventh graders. These students may not see themselves as this, but they are truly heroes, who have dedicated study halls and stayed up late just to get an article ready for editing. Krithi Ram-Junnarkar, Fiona Fragomen, Julie Kim, Gia Yetikyel, Eleana Tsiamtsiouris, Kyle Cruz, Paul Sanon, Chloe Ventura, Walter Stackler, and Christiana Psyllos deserve innumerable standing ovations and thanks, and I hope they know they have my eternal gratitude and will always be super-people in my eyes. Lastly, my story comes to you, Reader. You have the power to shape this paper, be it in insightful words of wisdom in an opinion about any appropriate topic you choose or in giving us the honor of publishing one of your picturesque photographs. You will always be the soul in the continuing story that is, “The Buckley Bark,” the online student-run and student-written newspaper.

Your Editor-in-Chief,

Grace Limoncelli: Grade 7…

…And the staff of “The Buckley Bark”