His Name In Lights: Maxwell Brown Takes The Stage

Source: The Buckley Bark

Tyler Bonaparte: Grade 8

While stars such as Drake and Rihanna have taken the headlines by storm, Buckley Country Day School has its own rising star in its midst. Eighth-grader Maxwell Brown is a singer, actor, and musician – a triple threat. He has entered many contests involving the use of his talents, and he has appeared in several plays. Brown dedicates seven to eight hours a week building his acting and singing career, and in addition to practicing during the school week, he has also attended programs such as the Interlochen Center for the Arts. This is “a prestigious camp where I practiced my craft in musical theater,” explained Brown. He has said that he is dedicated to improving his skills and making it to the top.

Brown gets his inspiration from stars such as Leslie Odom, Jr., and Lin-Manuel Miranda. For his favorite genre of music, Brown noted that, “Musical theater clicks the best with me, and I also like rap, because it is poetry and has messages behind it.” Broadway productions such as Hamilton, in which rap is heavily incorporated, have made Brown a more intelligent and well-versed artist overall thanks to the many messages that have been depicted. These shows have had a significant influence on Brown while he is on his journey to prominence.

Brown has had an interest in musical theater for his entire life, and he has been acting for six years. His favorite play that he has performed in was the production of Into The Woods right here at Buckley. Brown portrayed one of the main roles, and he observed that, “I believe my character the Baker and the music that Stephen Sondheim composes is truly amazing, and I was honored to perform it.”

Overall, Maxwell Brown is an extremely talented individual. He is passionate about utilizing his talents to one day become a star, and his dedication acts as an inspiration for anyone who crosses paths with him. With music being Brown’s forte, the Buckley community can be sure one day to see his name among the greatest performers of this era.