Nike’s Hyperadapt Sneakers Introduce A Laceless Future


Luka Markovic: Grade 8

Last year, Nike introduced the Hyperadapts. These are laceless sneakers with an automatic sensor and a button to adjust the fit of the shoe to one’s foot. It was based on the high-top sneaker featured in Back to the Future Part II. Nike originally let out a draw for this sneaker in 2015.

The Nike Hyperadapts come in three different colors: black with a white sole, grey with a black sole, and white with a gum sole. All three colors have a blue light on the dual density midsole. Because these sneakers are unique, the cost registers at a high price of $2,500.00.

Many sport celebrities who are sponsored by Nike have tried the sneaker and have loved it. What makes this sneaker special is that it is laceless. Sources say that in the future, this sneaker will adjust to your foot size automatically.

Since these sneakers are popular and rare, Nike lets out a draw every six months or so, to make the process of buying the sneaker easier and to satisfy demand. A draw is basically a raffle for the public.

By investing its money in laceless sneakers such as the Hyperadapts, Nike is definitely looking to the future of active fashion and sportswear.