The Buckley Bark NFL Power Rankings


Simon Wigdor: Grade 8

It’s now week 11 in the National Football League. There have been many disappointments for some teams, while many others have exceeded their expectations. The Buckley Bark analysis of the power rankings came into existence through examining team players, injuries, and wins and losses.

Here are the Buckley Bark Power Rankings for football right now:

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How To Master The Mile Run

Source: The Buckley Bark

Lindsay Fabricant: Grade 7

Do you wish you were more prepared for the mile run this year? This fall, I came up with a bunch of ideas to prepare for the long-distance run. However, after I ran the mile, I found that some of these plans weren’t as successful.

As we all know, it is important for us to stay healthy all year long. Here are some suggestions to help any student prepare for the mile run and stay fit:

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Bulldogs Place High In The LIAAIS Soccer Tournament

Source: The Buckley Bark

Sajid Aziz: Grade 8

On Thursday, October 13, the seventh- and eighth-grade boys soccer team competed in the Long Island Athletic Association of Independent Schools (LIAAIS) Soccer Tournament, which was held at the Green Vale School. The Bulldogs placed third in the tournament.

The squad’s first game was against East Woods School. The team came out with a big victory, winning 2-1. Eighth-grader Alex Goldenberg was the first to score with a beautiful shot from outside the 18-yard box. The ball flew into the back of the net, and the goalie had no chance. Next, eighth-grader Thanasi Pappas scored on a volley from a nice cross by seventh-grader Jake Belliveau. East Woods then scored one goal, but Buckley managed to keep the lead.

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The NFL Begins Tackling Brain-Related Injuries

Source: The Buckley Bark

Andrew Mazza: Grade 8

Since the beginning of the National Football League (NFL) in 1920, a total of 25 known athletes have died from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Thirty-three other players have recently been diagnosed with CTE, with former Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre as the most famous of them. CTE is a brain-related injury caused by a lack of protection for the head. Eight to ten years after suffering a brain injury, such as a concussion, symptoms may begin to reveal themselves. Symptoms start with a deterioration of attention and can become as extreme as having a desire to commit suicide.

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The Leicester City Story


Teddy Brita: Grade 8

Leicester City has actually won the Premier League. One of the greatest stories in sports has its happy ending.

So, how exactly did Leicester do it? Manager Claudio Ranieri actually installed a pretty simple style of play. Leicester doesn’t mind if the other team has the ball. They’ll either sit deep, or press high up the field, with Danny Drinkwater and N’Golo Kante taking more risks in central midfield.

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A Season Of Success: Winter Basketball Wrap-Up

Source: Buckley Country Day School

Alex Goldenberg: Grade 7

The Physical Education curriculum for grades five through eight focuses on interscholastic athletics. Although students can chose between sports during the fall and spring seasons, all students play basketball in the winter. Most teams start the season out rusty, but they later develop sportsmanship, teamwork, and, of course, athletic skills.

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Super Bowl 50: A Tragic Anniversary


Andrew Mazza: Grade 8

Super Bowl 50. What a terrible way to end 50 years of the Super Bowl. There have been so many great plays in the history of the Super Bowl: Franco Harris’ “Immaculate Reception,” David Tyree’s “Helmet Catch,” and John Riggins’ “Run To Glory.” The only big play featured in this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7, 2016, was Jordan Norwood’s record-breaking punt return that only occurred because the Carolina Panthers thought he called for a fair catch. Statistically, this was not the most impressive Super Bowl either. Neither of the two teams succeeded in completing more than 20 passes, while the Panthers attempted more than 40. There were a near-record 6 turnovers in total, and the Denver Broncos only converted for 11 first downs. The final score was 24-10 in favor of the Broncos.

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