Super Bowl 50: A Tragic Anniversary


Andrew Mazza: Grade 8

Super Bowl 50. What a terrible way to end 50 years of the Super Bowl. There have been so many great plays in the history of the Super Bowl: Franco Harris’ “Immaculate Reception,” David Tyree’s “Helmet Catch,” and John Riggins’ “Run To Glory.” The only big play featured in this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7, 2016, was Jordan Norwood’s record-breaking punt return that only occurred because the Carolina Panthers thought he called for a fair catch. Statistically, this was not the most impressive Super Bowl either. Neither of the two teams succeeded in completing more than 20 passes, while the Panthers attempted more than 40. There were a near-record 6 turnovers in total, and the Denver Broncos only converted for 11 first downs. The final score was 24-10 in favor of the Broncos.

However boring the Super Bowl was, it was an important game for Broncos fans. Not only did quarterback Payton Manning win his 200th game (including postseason games) – which surpassed Green Bay Packers quarterback Bret Favre’s record of 199 games (including the postseason) – but Manning also played his final game in the National Football League. Fans of all stripes are likely glad that he received the opportunity to end his career on a high note like this.

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