The Peace Initiative And The Ambassador School for Peace

Source: Ms. Patricia Russac

Anna Tsioulias: Grade 7

An Interview with Ms. Patricia Russac, Librarian and History Teacher

Q: Please explain the Peace Initiative and the Ambassador School for Peace. How did peace building start at Buckley? How did Buckley’s Upper School students take part in the peace initiative?”

A: One of the things we try to do at Buckley is continually build the hearts and minds of our learners, to be empathetic and peace builders. This year we kicked off the Mindfulness Program, having our fifth and sixth graders watch the video, “Postcards For Peace And Inspiration”. They created kindness cards to promote peace. Our seventh and eighth graders discussed the United Nation’s International Day of Peace and also watched videos about it. The entire Upper School at Buckley took the peace pledge, which was heartfelt by all the students. Promoting peace at Buckley started with the Pencils for Peace. After that, Buckley became a peace-building school.

Q: How did the Lower School participate in the Peace Initiative?

A: In the Lower School, they made Postcards For Peace to try to build the initiative. They also participated in peace challenges. The students took part in the Postcards For Peace challenge and truly took it to heart. We extended the idea of peace building and peace making by participating in the peace kindness challenge as well. The children tried to figure out how to help other people and to make a kinder and gentler world. The world we live in today is not a kind place. We even have political candidates who are running for president who are not kind other candidates.

Q: Have students gone outside Buckley to promote peace?

A: We have had students go off campus and help the environment by picking up garbage along the beach or in their town. Sterling Kalogeras wrote a poem called, “Guide to Happiness” (published here in The Buckley Bark). Buckley is on the Ambassador School for Peace webpage. You can go to the page to see the Postcards For Peace video and find out more on how Buckley supports the peace initiative.

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