Dear B. Lord Buckley: Clueless In Calculations

Dear B. Lord Buckley,

I have recently entered the school in the second grade, and love it, but feel I am a little behind in Math (specifically the multiplication tables). Do you have any tricks for understanding and memorizing these?

From, Clueless in Calculations

Dear Clueless in Calculations,

​First of all, welcome to the school. I am sorry to hear that multiplication is not your forte, but I think I have a couple of tricks that might help. First, if you go on either YouTube or iTunes at home, there should be videos by a group called “Schoolhouse Rock,” These can help with not only times tables, but a wide variety of other subjects. In addition, you could try making study cards on Quizlet that include both the problem and the answer. Good luck and have a great year!

Sincerely, B. Lord Buckley

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