Red / Blue Spirit Day

Max Lunievicz: Grade 8

Friday, September 25, was Spirit Day at Buckley! Students were given the opportunity to wear either a shirt and/or accessory of the color of their team to represent their team spirit. This enthusiasm was clearly shown in the Spirit Assembly, which accepts new students into the Red or Blue team. In addition, team spirit was shown through the annual Red/Blue cheer, where eighth-grade team captains teach their team a song with lyrics replaced by Field Day-related words. This year, the Red team’s song was based off of “Cheerleader” by Omi, and the Blue team’s song was based off of “Drag Me Down” by One Direction.Read More »

A Night In Paris

Jack Davis: Grade 8

Lights, camera, action! Bonjour! On Friday, October 23, Buckley transformed the Upper Gym into a majestic Parisian night. There, the eighth-grade interscholastic (ISE) dance took place. Buckley, Greenvale, Portledge, Long Island Lutheran, and Eastwoods all mingled in a fun, social night.Read More »