Fashion Of The Season: Spring 2013

Chloe Ventura: Grade 7

Since spring has just begun, stores around the world are releasing their spring collections, and all of the winter clothes are on great sales.

Gucci has just released its spring selection, which includes sunglasses, shoes, belts, wallets, handbags, and more. Another great store that has released its spring collection is Mystique Boutique, which has new shirts with great designs, printed leggings, shoes, high-low dresses, and more! Make sure to check out their website, which is listed at the bottom. For the younger kids, Justice is also releasing its spring collection, with tie dyed shorts and tank tops. Abercrombie Kids has come out with new shorts and shirts for the spring and summer! Other cute stores where you can get jewelry is Love Culture. Although this store is designed for women and young adults, they have great rings, necklaces, scarves, and their clothes can even fit some 5th-8th graders. Some spring fashion ideas are to wear high-low or maxi dresses to dances, parties, or social events. Also, since the colors of spring are very light yet happy, you can paint your nails pink, light green, blue and even a light yellow! Hope you look into all of these websites!

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