How To Be Helpful: First Aid: Becoming an Asset to Your Community

Grace Limoncelli: Grade 7

It is evident, from catastrophes like Superstorm Sandy, that there is a great need for formal training in first aid. Becoming certified by foundations like The Red Cross is not just a piece of paper. Being formally certified is a chance to aid your community in times of emergency and to become an educated and active citizen.

Programs are offered year-round and nation-wide by these foundations, and if the classroom is n0t for you, there are even online programs that will teach you just as much. First aid training is not just for the strong of heart either. Not all emergencies involve blood, so hemophobia is no excuse for avoiding this amazing opportunity. These courses are not only for regular folks but also for babysitters and lifeguards, although you do not have to be one of these to take them. Certified people are informed people, and informed people make a safe community, ready to deal with the unexpected. Please see for more information on The American Red Cross training programs.

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