Book Review – Moby Dick

Jack Davis: Grade 5

Has a book ever changed your life? Well, one did for me. It was Moby Dick. Moby Dick is a story with two main characters, Ishmael and Captain Ahab. Captain Ahab’s leg was taken off by the white whale, Moby Dick. He spent the rest of his life searching for the whale, but was eventually killed with the rest of his crew when the white whale wrecked his ship. Ishmael joined Ahab’s crew and was the only survivor of the wreck. He lives to tell the tale in the epilogue. I recommend Moby Dick for people in sixth grade and up. There were many new words for me, and it was a great read when I was sick during the winter. It was a challenging read for me, and I had fun accomplishing my goal. I would certainly read it again.

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