The 5th Grade Entrepreneur Fair

Harrison DellaVecchia and Jack Davis: Grade 5

The 5th grade Entrepreneur Fair took place on Wednesday, May 15, as part of the students’ overall investigation of financial literacy. The 5th graders developed original products and then marketed them to the school community with jingles, logos, and clever packaging.

There were many great ideas, and the customers were extremely satisfied with their purchases. It was a fun experience for the students, who were able to handle real money and keep a portion of it. Some original products included Lights Out, The Paper Stopper, and Eco-Puppets.

The fair went extremely well, and two groups, Tree Bark Edibles and May-Belles Mugs, sold out before lunch. Tree Bark Edibles was a tasty treat with an interesting environmental twist and was co-founded by Harrison DellaVecchia and Michael Sensale. May-Belles Mugs, which featured decorated mugs that looked amazing, was co-founded by Maya Neckles and Cybelle Can.

Everyone also enjoyed playing at the Carnival Corner. There were three fun games to play and win a prize. First was a ring toss, and second was a fun skeeball game. The third challenge featured cups floating in a pool filled with water. Each contestant tried to throw a ping pong ball into the cups. If you landed one in a cup, you would receive a rubber ducky.

Everyone did a great job creating their company!


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