This Day in History: May 8 (V-E Day)

Walter Stackler: Grade 7

May 8, 1945:

German President Karl Dönitz and military commanders signed the unconditional surrender of all German troops, ending twelve years of Nazi rule in Germany.

Twelve horrible years in which the dictator Adolf Hitler had strove to conquer all of Europe had finally ended. With this conclusion came an end to Hitler’s anti-Semitic and anti-Bolshevik ideals and the long years of persecution and injustice. Across Europe, celebrations erupted, and millions cheered for the Allied victory. Thousands of Jews and others persecuted by the Nazis were liberated from ghettos and prison camps in the days before and following V-E Day. The Nazi party in Europe had been defeated.

220px-German_instrument_of_surrender2                                                                                                      (Top)_-_German_officers_sign_unconditional_surrender_in_Reims,_France._(Bottom)_-_Allied_force_leaders_at_the_signing._-_NARA_-_195337.tif

Images (from top): Document declaring the unconditional surrender of all Nazi troops; German and Allied generals signing the document of surrender.

Images source: Wikipedia

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