Buckley Soccer Triumphs Against Trinity Lutheran

Jack Davis: Grade 6

On Thursday, September 26th, the 5th and 6th grade Boys Soccer Red Team played Trinity Lutheran away. Although the score was only 1 – 0 Buckley, with the single goal being scored by 6th grader Teddy Brita in center midfield, Buckley dominated the field.

The ball was usually on Trinity’s side of the midfield line, and the team really worked hard. Smart passes were made, good sportsmanship was shown, and there was lots of teamwork. The Buckley team also had lots of support. Parents were sitting in the bleachers, cheering the team on. Mr. Cline was there, too, immensely supporting the team. The Buckley team is very strong, but most importantly, they know how to have fun and be good team players.

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