Interview With Mrs. Linda Bernard

Harrison DellaVecchia and Teddy Brita: Grade 6

Buckley Bark: Why did you come to Buckley?

Mrs. Bernard: Because it is an awesome school, and because we were getting the iPads.

BB: What job did you have before you came to Buckley?

Mrs. Bernard: I was an IT director at Cayman Prep in the Cayman Islands.

BB: Are you liking the job so far?

Mrs. Bernard: Yes, it’s been very fun and exciting.

BB: How is Buckley different from your former school?

Mrs. Bernard: Buckley is much smaller, and the building is much nicer than the building in the Cayman Islands.  The building there was just made of concrete because of all the hurricanes that strike the Caymans. Also, the school I was at had everything set up for me.

BB: Do you think the students are enjoying the iPads?

Mrs. Bernard: I think the students are really liking the iPads. It’s been much smoother than I thought.

BB: Do you think the iPads are being used to their fullest extent?

Mrs. Bernard: No, not yet. It will be about a year before they will be fully utilized.

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