We Heard You, Now We Serve You

Jack Davis: Grade 7

Food. It is one of our most important necessities in life. For lunch at school, we all would like our food to be what we want. Student Council, Mrs. Foy, Chef Tony, Mr. Topel, Mr. Neal, and Mr. Cline have made that happen.

The students all took a survey about what foods they wanted for lunch. Well, be prepared, because the lunch menu is customized for all student needs. This menu does its best to fit most individual’s wants and tastes.

In February, lunch changed and is not going back. Once a week, there will be “try it” dishes. These are meals that might be a little less well known and different from what students are used to. There will also be “treat meals.” These are special meals that appeal to the vast majority of the school. Though they may be less healthy than other dishes, they are meals that students generally eat and love! Also, soup will be served only three times a week.

The chef will also be keeping the great foods that students love, like tacos, popcorn chicken, and penne with meat sauce. Chef Tony is also taking out the foods that students don’t want, so everyone can enjoy lunch.

Thank you to the students for sharing their voices, because they heard you, and now they serve you.

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