“Teaching Found Me: An Interview With Ms. Jennifer Appel

Max Lunievicz: Grade 7

Ms. Jennifer Appel is the 7th & 8th grade English teacher in the Upper School here at Buckley. I have interviewed her to help our community get to know her better.

Q: What made you want to be a teacher?

A: Teaching found me. A teacher I had in high school asked me to teach theater to children on the Lower East Side in Alphabet City, at the Cornelia Connelly school for girls, while I was still attending college at NYU. I loved it. As I pursued “The Arts,” I continued teaching part time and often found this area of my life more rewarding than “show business”. I taught dance, drama and art. My love for education eventually grew into a desire to pursue a Masters Degree in English and Education, and I started teaching middle and high school English. I eventually became a reading, writing and learning specialist as well.

Q: What was Middle School like for you when you attended?

A: Middle School was fun, nurturing, and exciting.

Q: Where did you teach before Buckley, and how was it the same and different from Buckley?

A: I have taught at Holy Child and St. Dominic’s on Long Island; in Fairfax County in Virginia; and at Marymount, Stevenson, City and Country, and Collegiate in New York City. West Potomac Middle and High School in Fairfax County is a public school, St. Dominic’s is a parochial school, Holy Child is an independent Catholic private school, Marymount is an all girl’s school, City and Country is a progressive school, Stevenson is a therapeutic school, and Collegiate is an all boys school. I believe I have taught in nearly every different type of environment available in our country, and it would take me a book to explain all the significant differences.

Q: What are your top five favorite books?

A: And one of the hardest questions you can ask an English teacher is what her favorite books are. The best answer I can give you is – the ones my students like to read!


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