Ghoulish Habits

Diana Turner: Grade 8

Ever wonder what to do with your costumes after Halloween? Here is a list of smart, efficient ways to “recycle” your Halloween costume:

1.) Make it a “hand-me-down.”
Giving your old Halloween costumes to a younger relative is a popular way to get rid of a costume you will never use again. They could use it for future Halloweens and then give it to even younger relatives!

2.) Use parts of it for future costumes. Most of the time you can use pieces of your costume for future years. For example, let’s say one year you want to be a cowboy with a red bandana, and the next year you want to be Raphael, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Believe it or not you can use the same bandana. This way definitely cuts down on the cost of costumes.

3.) Sell them online. You never know if someone wants the same costume you have. It might not sell for a while, but it will eventually. eBay is a popular website for this, but if you can sell them somewhere else, feel free. Remember, though, to always get your parents’ permission and help before trying to sell something on the Internet

4.) Simply keep them! You never know if you will need a spare costume. Whether it be for school, for a play, etc., I recommend storing it in a box and putting it in a closet or attic. Once you grow out of the costume, you may go back to #1.

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