An Interview With Ms. Natasha Chadha

Diana Turner: Grade 8

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Source: Ms. Natasha Chadha

Q: Why do you love English?

A: I’ve always loved English since I was very little. I love reading. I love writing, and I love how English helps you deal with everyday life.

Q: What’s your favorite part about teaching?

A: Getting to know my students and helping others really understand and realize the joy of reading.

Q: What made you want to teach fifth and sixth grade?

A: I was actually open to different age groups. I am certified for middle school and high school, so I did have options. But when I came to Buckley, I just loved the environment and the kids here. Everyone is super nice, and I believe fifth and sixth are great ages to instill a lot of English skills.

Q: Where did you teach before Buckley?

A: This is actually my first year teaching, but I student-taught last year at LaGuardia High School in the city.

Q: What did you like about Buckley?

A: I love how Buckley has this huge sense of community, and for me as a child, I went to a Kindergarten to 8th-grade private school. It was extremely similar to Buckley in North Virginia where I grew up, and Buckley reminds me of it. I also love how everyone is there to help each other and the sense of family you get when you come here.

Q: What’s your favorite area of English to teach?

A: I love creative writing. It is definitely my favorite part about teaching English. In college I majored in English, but I specialized in English and creative writing, so I love writing stories and poetry.

Q: Do you have any other hobbies?

A: I love running, which is actually a funny story, because I have a twin sister who is definitely the athletic one out of the two of us. So growing up I couldn’t stand sports, because people would constantly compare me to her. And she was the star athlete of every sport, and I was the absolute worst at every sport, so in high school I always thought, “I can’t deal with this! ” So after that, I started running, and again I was horrible at it. I could barely run a mile. But I worked at it, and now it’s honestly my favorite thing to do. I do it every morning before school. I wake up at 5:00 and run six miles until about 6:30. I did my first half-marathon last year in Brooklyn. I didn’t come in first, but I didn’t stop running, and my time was about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Q: What was your second favorite subject in school?

A: I think my second favorite subject in school was psychology. I couldn’t take it until high school, but I loved it. Science was always my weakness, and having psychology be a different type of science made everything make sense. It still tied in biology and other things like that, but in a way that was more relevant to humans.

Q: What’s your favorite subject at Buckley other than English?

A: My favorite would have to be math, because it’s very useful. You can apply it to your everyday life. You do math everyday regardless of who you are!

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