A Romantic Tragedy


Jack Davis: Grade 8

Bonjour mes amis! That is French for “Hello my friends!” French is such a beautiful language. It simply rolls off the tongue, like cool lemonade down the lip of a pitcher on a warm summer day. Now, Buckley is phasing out this sweet and tangy language to make way for Mandarin, another savory language. Why can’t Buckley have all three languages? Why can’t Buckley have three unique colors to compose its linguistic pallet of learning? Each language is great by itself, but multiple languages can have an impact on everybody!

If there were three languages in each grade, then think about how much everyone would learn. I know that I have learned a lot about Spanish from my friends who study the lively and energetic language. And they have leaned lots of French from me. Imagine how many words the grades could learn together with three languages!

Also, we could do so many more interactive activities with the whole school. There could be an assembly for each language, and everyone would learn so much.

Each language has its own unique flavor. It is our job to respond to these flavors like taste buds would to a croissant. Getting rid of French, though, would be a romantic tragedy.

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