Book Review: Escaping Peril

Source: Scholastic Press

Jack Davis: Grade 8

Just a few months ago, Tui T. Sutherland came out with the eighth book in her best-selling Wings of Fire series. Her eighth book is titled Escaping Peril. It was a truly enticing read, but before I explain why, you should know what this series is all about. The Wings of Fire book series is divided into two parts (one of which is still incomplete), but they have many things in common. The main idea is that all of the characters are dragons who talk and live in different tribes. There are humans in this series, but they are called “scavengers” and are shown as pets or food. Before I praise this book on its plot and characters, a little background knowledge is needed.

The first five books of the series tell of the adventures of the “dragonets of destiny.” The entire dragon world is in turmoil. The three daughters of the Sandwing tribe are each gathering an army to fight for the throne their mother left behind. Only the five dragonets of destiny from five different tribes, as per the prophecy, can save the world. The prophecy, however, is fake. Nevertheless, the dragonets save the world, and the peace.

The second half of the series begins with the dragonets of destiny opening their own school to try to integrate within the tribes socially. These books tell the tale of Moonwatcher, a dragonet from the Nightwing tribe who can see the future and read minds, a power lost to the tribe centuries ago. Now she and her friends must stop countless evils, old and new, and all the while learn that all dragons are equal.

Escaping Peril tells the tale of the newest asset to Moonwatcher’s team: a dragon named Peril. Peril is from the Skywing tribe and was born with “too much fire.” This means that her body is like a furnace and her scales burn everything they touch. Peril must overcome her troubled and violent past in order to help Moonwatcher and her team. This book was captivating because of all the choices Peril had to make that involved either reverting to her old ways or sticking to her new ones. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the evolving personality of a character and the trials overcome by inner growth.

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