The Buckley Colloquium

Source: Buckley Country Day School

Mercer Hall: Faculty

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff gathered together for the fourth Buckley Colloquium. This annual event brings together members across the school community to share an evening of learning and laughter. Participants read a nonfiction book in advance of the Colloquium and then meet in small-group discussions led by facilitators. This year, the group read The Road To Character by David Brooks, an author, journalist, New York Times columnist, and PBS NewsHour commentator.

While enjoying sushi and salads prepared by Chef Tony DiStefano, the attendees gathered around the Reception Room fireplace and the Hagedorn library sofas to exchange ideas about the topic of character. Questions highlighted the differences between resume and eulogy virtues and between the constraints and freedoms that mold integrity. Other elements of the night’s Colloquium included welcoming remarks, casual mingling and conversations, slideshow images and quotations, an animated motion graphic video, and a closing wrap-up debrief.

Source:  Buckley Country Day School

The parent facilitators who expertly shepherded the evening’s discussions were Stephen Mark, CJ Singh, Erlyne Nazaire, Shalini Mimani, and Joanna Woo. The Colloquium Committee members who helped organize the event were Dolly Chugh, Karen Crowley, Mercer Hall, Stefani Rosenthal, and Patricia Russac. This highly anticipated event turned out to be a terrific success with all attendees saying they would recommend the Colloquium to a friend for next year.

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