The Charities At Your Door

Source: The Buckley Bark

Portia Inzone: Grade 8

When walking past the main entrance of Buckley, many families constantly see charitable boxes perched on a foyer table. They often are curious to know what these charities represent and how they can contribute. When rushing to cars or class, however, they might find it difficult to stop and inquire.

Here are answers to the questions about each of the exciting initiatives that Buckley students have started to help those in their communities. They all respond to the one simple question. “If you had one sentence to describe your charity, what would it be?”

Up-Cycle to Up-Lift – Gabby Seudath: Grade 5

“Up-Cycle to Up-Lift is a charity that is great, giving, and caring, where anyone can sign up to help provide clothes and promote it as well.”

Up-Cycle to Up-Lift is a charity that Gabby Seudath organized to give clothing to less fortunate children and adults. The students’ part is to bring any lightly used or new clothing items to the Up-Cycle to Up-Lift box by the front desk. Seudath will collect the clothes every Friday, bring them home to repair, and then give them to the less fortunate. She has organized this amazing charity, and it all starts with each student. An old piece of clothing would mean something new to underprivileged children and adults. Help brighten their day!

Source: The Buckley Bark

Alzheimer’s iPod Donations – Alex Goldenberg: Grade 7

“By just donating an iPod, you could bring back memories, thoughts, and emotions for patients who currently have Alzheimer’s.”

For Alex Goldenberg’s Mitzvah Project, he decided to create an organization that brings forth both awareness and iPods for Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s causes mental deterioration due to generalized degeneration of the brain. The main symptoms are memory loss and depression. When Goldenberg researched this disease, he additionally discovered that music has the power to retrieve memories and happiness within patients, thus partially healing the two main symptoms. This charity that Goldenberg organized is incredibly eye-opening, and again, it relies on student help. Bring in any iPod you are no longer using, and aid the lives of Alzheimer’s patients!

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