Halloween Parade Was A “Super” Good Time

Source: Buckley Country Day School

Alan Barkan: Grade 7

Monday, October 31, was Halloween. Buckley Headmaster Dr. Jean-Marc Juhel had a big parade to celebrate the holiday. He invited all grades to come with their Halloween costumes and show off their creations to trick-or-treat at night.

Teachers and parents came to the Cronin Gym to see what all the children’s costumes were. Some adults even wore their own Halloween costumes.

There were zombies, monsters, ghosts, scarecrows, animals, video game characters, horror movie characters, superheroes, super villains, soldiers, princesses, queens, pirates, wizards, witches, Ghost Busters, skeletons, Lego Ninjago ninjas, Jokers, Harley Quinns, and even Spanish Mariachi players.

Dr. Juhel, Mrs. Elizabeth Lyons, Mrs. Linda Bernard, and the rest of the administration team dressed up as superheroes, with Dr. Juhel as Captain America leading Wonder Woman, Superman, Supergirl, Iron Man, Batgirl, and the Dark Knight, Batman (in a cross between two comic universes).

As all the kids, grade by grade, walked around the gym to let everyone see their designs, Dr. Juhel and his team of superheroes handed out goodie bags of candy, consisting of Hersheys, Fruit by the Foot Rolls, and Skittles.

Everyone had a great time. They all left Buckley ready to carry their heavy bags full of candy.

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