Review: The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


Henri Yoon: Grade 7

Apple Inc., has yet again released a next generation of its smartphones, named the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. The company sold 1 percent of its total worth on the first weekend.

But is it worth the upgrade? Here are the pros and cons of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

Pro: The camera has been improved to a revolutionary level

The iPhone 7 Plus features two cameras instead of one. This allows the camera to see as humans would. Using two eyes, humans can focus in on close things and can blur everything in the background. The iPhone 7 Plus can do this with ease. The two cameras may also be used to make 3D images. Humans see in 3D, because their two eyes perceive depth. With this concept, an app programmer can use the two cameras to add depth of field to pictures and maybe even create a virtual reality version of the picture. They also allow pictures to be taken at 10x zoom. Both phones boast an impressive 12-megapixel camera. To put this into perspective, most $500 cameras have 12-megapixel apertures at the maximum.

Con: The headphone jack has been removed

Users can no longer use their old headphones from last year and plug them into the new iPhone 7. Apple has removed the headphone jack to make room for a new pressure-sensitive home button. There is the option of using an adapter version of the headphones or using the new wireless “Air Buds.” This may cause some discomfort if owners are used to really nice headphones that only plug into the headphone jacks.

Pro: The new iPhones are much faster than previous models

The new iPhones are fueled by a powerful Next-Gen A10 Chip. This results in faster speeds in anything from opening the camera app to browsing the Internet. The Next-Gen A10 Chip is sure to change the iPhone experience. For example, the initial startup time for the iPhone 7 is about 16 seconds, and the initial startup for the iPhone 6 is about 23 seconds. Also, ANTUTU Benchmarks for the iPhone 7 come out to be 178 397, while they come out as 119 364 for the iPhone 6s. The new phones are really something when it comes to speed. In fact, according to Apple, the iPhone 7 is exactly 120 times faster than the iPhone 2G, the phone Americans had in their pockets just 9 years ago.

Con: The price is much higher

The iPhone 7 starts at $869 for 32 megabytes and gets up to $1,500 for 256 megabytes. Compared to the iPhone 6s, which was only $607 at 256 megabytes, this is a huge change. Many people want to get the new phones, but are stopped when they look at the price tag.

Pro: The phone has semi-waterproofing

One of the most common reasons for people’s iPhones to break is dropping them in some kind of water source, be it the sink or a puddle. Now, this is no longer a problem. The new iPhones are 100 percent waterproof up to 3 feet. Below three feet, however, the phone may not be so lucky. Although the iPhones will work fine after dropping them in the toilet, Apple recommends not charging it for 3 hours after the dunk.

Pro: The stereo speakers have been added

To make up for the removal of the headphone jack, Apple has replaced the normal phone speakers with stereo speakers. The iPhone 7 speakers have a decibel output of 104.7. In comparison, a power saw puts out 105 decibels. Last year’s iPhone 6s had a decibel level of 97.8, which is still impressive, but is seriously outperformed by the new iPhone 7.

Overall, if customers are looking for a breakthrough camera design, or are clumsy, or want a faster phone, then they should consider the upgrade. But if users are looking for a revolutionary redesign of the phone and the software, then they should stick with the older version.


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