Chef Jacek Dub Cooks Up A Winning Buckley Recipe

Chef Jack
Source: The Buckley Bark

Luka Markovic and Simon Wigdor: Grade 8

Along with Tim Cook and Michelle Obama, Jacek Dub wakes up at 4:30 a.m., well before sunrise. Chef Jacek, the new chef at Buckley Country Day School, has an interesting background that includes wide practice within his culinary field.  

“Having grown up on a Polish farm, moving to New York was a substantial transition. Moving to the United States was a very big step in my life, and not knowing English and having to pretty much start my life all over again.” Chef Jacek began his United States career 15 years ago, working everywhere from high-end catering to country clubs. “I believe that food is very important in everybody’s life, and making great food that tastes good, that looks good, and that smells good, gives me the satisfaction of seeing people smile and telling me how great it was and how flavorful it was.” 

When asked about his favorite food, Chef Jacek gave a detailed and confident answer: “A good prime rib about an inch thick and medium rare. Anything to do with chicken, chicken Marsala, chicken Française.” He also stated that his beloved fast-food chain, Checkers, is by far his favorite fast-food place.

Chef Jacek 2
Source: The Buckley Bark

It is obvious to see that Chef Jacek has a true devotion for the art and experience of cooking. He always knew that his passion for food would lead him to cooking for a private school. “I always wanted to cook for a private school and serve kids good nutritional food. So when the opportunity came by to learn with Chef Tony, I pretty much jumped on a train and came here.” 

This is now Chef Jacek’s first full year working at Buckley, and his transition so far has been smooth. “I really like the atmosphere, I really like the school, I really like the faculty and staff, and I feel like I’m really a part of the family, and I look forward to spending many years here.”

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