Give The Benefits Of Dance To All

Buckley Dance
Source: Buckley Country Day School

Lindsay Fabricant: Grade 7

At Buckley, the seventh- and eighth-graders have a chance to take a dance class for their music elective. But why don’t the fifth- and sixth-graders have the same opportunity?

Currently, the seventh- and eighth-graders are given the choice to dance at Buckley in its black box theater, in a class taught by Mrs. Jennifer Demopoulos. The students have a chance to learn various dance techniques in their music elective and to perform at different school assemblies. Some of their past performances have occurred on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Celebration of the Arts in May.

The fifth- and sixth-graders, however, only have the choices of chorus, band, orchestra, and percussion. They do not have the option to learn to dance until they are older. In my opinion, it would be wonderful if all students in the Upper School could share in the opportunity to dance for our school.

Dance is a way for students to express themselves through movements rather than words. It improves confidence, and it is very helpful to the human body, because it can improve health. Dance is an enjoyable way to work all of the major muscle groups. In addition, it works the hips, back, abdomen, arms, and the upper body. It is a great way to lose weight, improve balance and coordination, maintain posture, and increase flexibility.

Dance is also good for the mind, because it challenges the brain. Dancing increases neural connectivity throughout the body. Anyone can dance and have a great time.

In my opinion, all students in grades five through eight should have a chance to express themselves through dance in a form of music. What do you think?

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