Upper Schoolers Get Away to Club Getaway

Jack Davis: Grade 6

Every year the Buckley Country Day Upper School takes a bonding trip to Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut. It is filled with fun, games, and many outdoor activities.

For instance, there is a rock wall, a trampoline, and a refreshing lake. Students look forward to Club Getaway from the start of school to have fun and to take a break from their work. This year, the kayaks and tubing were open. Kids had a blast speeding around the lake or just slowly paddling over the calm water.

Club Getaway is also home to the Wild And Crazy Game Show, the weirdest game show to exist. Contests included the apple seed hunt (the seeds are inside the apple to start), the balloon bottom burst, and the blueberry pie eating contest — with Andrew Mazza winning for messiest face and Dr. Juhel for, of course, the cleanest plate. He literally licked the plate clean!

There was also an amazing dance party, with lights, music, and of course, dancing. If you are in the Lower School, one amazing Upper School activity to look forward to is the one and only, Club Getaway.

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