The Votes Are In!

Jack Davis: Grade 6

​Early this fall, the Upper School heard speeches by seventh-grade students running for the Student Executive Council. What is Student Executive Council? It is composed of elected students who are chosen to promote ideas and inform their grade or the school about events and dances if the co-presidents cannot.

The seventh-grade candidates included: Joseph Ugarte, William Stackler, Soobin Jeong, Melanie Fong, Chelsea Chetram, and Madeline Simms. Some of these candidates have had school politics in their families, and for some, it was a new subject. But for all, it was a terrific experience.

After the speeches, the votes were cast and the results were in. On Monday, October 16, the three elected students were recognized. William Stackler, Melanie Fong, and Soobin Jeong were elected. Congratulations not just to them, but to all the candidates, and the students who voted.

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