Exciting Changes This Year At BCDS

​Max Lunievicz: Grade 6

When everyone returned to school this year, there were many exciting changes. For example, Buckley had a new kitchen, a new food service, and a new cleanup system at lunch.

The cleanup is different in many ways. All of the Lower School and Upper School now use a single window to the kitchen through which to put their plates, instead of in previous school years when the bins were near the tables. This has been a big improvement.

​Another feature that is different is that the whole school now has iPads. The Lower School has iPads in pairs, and the Upper School has individual iPads. They have made the experience at Buckley even better, with many activities that can be done with them, such as taking notes, doing projects, and writing essays. It is the newest improvement in technology at the school.

The last elements that have changed at Buckley are in parts of the building. More floors have been renovated over the summer to the tile design. This makes Buckley a more colorful place. Now, when you walk in the building, you look to the floor and you see all the bright colors of Buckley.

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