Original Fiction – Student Short Stories

The following pieces of original writing were submitted by students in the 7th and 8th grades:



Tyler Medina-Minerva: Grade 7

A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?”. The small creatures, about the size of a baseball and as radiant as lightbulbs, floated into his room. “Yes… this is the one we were sent for,” the other one said. They hovered over the boy, known as Archie Smith. “He… looks a little short to be the chosen one,” the creature said. “Nonsense,” the other creature scolded. “The master sent us to retrieve him. He is without a doubt the one. Even if he is a bit tiny.”

Archie Smith, boy wonder, began to stir. He felt an influx of light, which was odd because he had opaque windows. “Mmm… muuhhh…” he mumbled. “QUIET!” cried one of the creatures. “He is about to provide us indispensable knowledge!” “Yes!” the other one said. “Sheer knowledge, sheer knowledge!” ”Muh… mustard….” Archie Smith mumbled. ”Mustard?” a creature said. “HE SPEAKS IN RIDDLES!” Archie Smith began to open his eyes. He saw the brightest lights he had ever seen. He rubbed his eyes, but they were still there. He tried swatting the lights. He felt something solid. “Ouch!” said one of the creatures. “He lashed me!” “Quiet, you fool!” said the other creature. “Being struck by the chosen one is an honor.” “My apologies, o great one,” said the creature. “NO! You do not deserve to apologize to the chosen one! Let me speak to him!”

The creatures continued to banter, and Archie Smith had no idea what the heck was going on. He was just a boy with an imperious intelligence. He knew that what was before him right now was completely eccentric. Eventually the small creatures realized they were beginning to deviate from their task at hand, so they made a stalemate in their argument and promised to continue at a later time. “Hello, Archie Smith, boy wonder,” said one of the creatures. “We are the sprites. We are refugees from our land, and we desperately need your help. My name is Hermes.” Archie Smith had once read about sprites. They were nothing like the ones in front of him right now. “Yeah, we need a boy wonder like you to help us,” the other one said. “Our government has been overrun by the Sprite-Eater Party and they just signed a Sprite-Eater Convention. This is an infringement of our rights of being alive! NOW WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE EATEN! Oh, by the way, my name is Randy.”

“Hold on just a second, ” Archie Smith said,” So you are asking me, the child you have never met before, to go to your land and overthrow the government that is trying to eat you, although I have no idea who you are or what I should do?” The sprites looked at each other. “Yes, that’s pretty much the gist of it,” said Randy. Hermes nudged him. “Look, I know it may not seem like it now, but you’re the hero of our land. You were chosen by the master sprite.” Archie was confused. “Master sprite?” “The master of all sprites,” Randy said. “Come on, kid, you’re supposed to be a genius, keep up!” “A genius…” began Archie. “I don’t think I’m a genius…. I won a science fair once.” The sprites were fed up. “All right, chosen one, there’s no time to explain, just grab on to us,” Randy said. “You just don’t feel like explaining it to me, don’t you?” Archie said. “Pretty much,” said Hermes. “Let’s go, Mr. Hero.”

Archie grabbed on to the sprites. “Wait..” he said. “You’re too tiny to carry me up! You’re not going to start flying, are yoUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!” The sprites flew out of the window and into the air. They began to fall down. “Aargh! Who knew the chosen one would be so fat! You’re encumbering me! I’m beginning to lose respect for him.” Randy said. ”NO! WE’RE DOOMED!” cried Archie. ” I had so much to live for! I was about to build a baking soda volcano for the next science fair! Now I’m going to die because I jumped out a window because two translucent baseballs told me to.” They were about to hit the ground, when the sprites pulled up at the last second. “Sorry, chosen one.” Randy said. “That was just too fun scaring you.” Hermes nudged Randy. “Stop, Randy! Do you want him to help us or not?” The sprites and Archie Smith flew across the city and into the sky.

“BZZZZZT.” Randy said. “Lift-off complete. You are now free to roam about the vehicle. Oh, but not you, hero. You’ll die.” Archie ignored Randy. “So this Master Sprite, he’s a pretty big deal, I presume?” Hermes nodded. “Of course. He is our one leader, who keeps us safe from harm.” “We’re his lackeys!” said Randy. Hermes shook his head. “I prefer, ‘assistants’. Anyway, he protects us from the Sprite Eaters by annihilating them. And all we have to do is sacrifice one of ourselves every month!” “And what does he do to the sacrificed one?” Archie asked. “He eats them!” Randy said. “It is the greatest honor any sprite could receive.” said Hermes. “So let me make sure I’m clear, then,” Archie said. “He protects your people from these ‘sprite eaters’, which you have never seen in your life, and in return scourges your kind? Wouldn’t that make him a sprite eater?” Randy nodded obnoxiously to Hermes. “No, it’s not like that, chosen one…” Hermes said. “Master Sprite protects us. He’s like my god.” Archie knew that he hit a personal part of Hermes, but he also knew that there was more to this Master Sprite than he thought.

They flew over mountains, oceans, steppes, and escarpments. Archie began to doze off, although he tried not to. He didn’t want to miss a single moment of this flight. But he couldn’t help it. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. When he woke up Hermes and Randy were floating on top of his face. “Wake up, lazybones!” Randy yelled. “How can the chosen one be somebody so lazy?” Archie sat up, and he saw the Sprite Village. He imagined flourishing plants and beautiful little cottages, but what he saw was a run-down and destroyed little village. He also only saw very few sprites. “Oh my god, what happened here?” Archie said. Hermes looked insulted. “Our village was raided by the Sprite Eaters. They come and raid us often. They steal our stuff and eat our people. That’s why it’s a mess here.” Hermes said with a sigh. “It’s also very sporadic,” said Randy. “Since we have no idea when it’ll happen, we are never prepared enough.” Archie examined the mess. He noticed that a lot of the damages were closer to the inside of the town than the outside. “Let’s go see the Master Sprite. I want to see why he chose me.”

The sprites lead him to the palace of the Master Sprite. It was guarded by an escarpment with a small gate in it. “Sprite Eaters must die!” shouted Randy and the gate opened. It was a beautiful and gigantic building that seemed to be assorted with random pieces of furniture and objects. “Here it is,” said Randy. “Isn’t it great? Hey, is that my sofa?” Archie was surprised at how nice it looked, especially with how bad the conditions of the town were. He couldn’t make out all of the beautiful decorations, even with his good peripheral vision. In a room he saw sprites in a cage, doing some sort of work. “Those are his subservient workers. Sometimes the missing sprites are found and go to work for the Master,” Hermes said. “I still don’t get why the Master sequesters them.” Eventually they made it to the throne room. “Yo ho ho! To the Sprite Eaters, we’ll never go!” Randy yelled. The door opened. A big sprite opened the room and blocked them from coming in. “What do you call 100 dead Sprite Eaters?” it said. “A GOOD START!” Hermes cried and they cracked up. “Y… you guys can come in, all right,” the guard sprite said. On the throne sat the Master Sprite.

He didn’t look like a sprite at all, instead he looked like a giant frog. He was humongous, and he barely even fit in the palace. Archie had never seen anything so big. “OH, SO YOU BROUGHT THE BOY WONDER, HAVE YOU?” he yelled in a booming voice. “Y…yes, your Masterfulness, the smartest one in his land…” said Hermes, shyly. “THEN LEAVE ME TO ASK HIM THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!” he boomed. “Of course, Your Humongousness…” said Hermes, to which Randy giggled. Hermes pushed Randy out of the room. “WELL, IT’S NICE TO MEET YOU AFTER SO LONG, BOY WONDER. NOW, I MUST ASK YOU THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION.” Archie was prepared to run. He didn’t know what the Master Sprite would dare to do. “LET’S PRETEND I ATE SPRITES. IF I ATE 20 FOR LUNCH TODAY, WOULD I BE ABLE TO HAVE 40 FOR DINNER IN ADDITION TO A SNACK AND A DESSERT?” Archie sighed. “Of course, I will answer your question. But only if you do something for me.” The Master Sprite seemed angry. “WELL, FINE. BUT I DON’T REALLY WANT TO. WHAT IS IT?” Archie smiled. “You go defeat all the Sprite Eaters right now. So do our requests conform?” The Master Sprite looked worried. “UM…” Suddenly Randy stumbled in. “I heard everything! You’re going to destroy the Sprite Eaters for us! Hey, everyone! The Master Sprite is going to destroy all the Sprite Eaters right now!” All of the sprites that were still alive poured in. “UHM…UHM….” mumbled the Sprite Master, while sweating. “Hey everyone!” yelled Randy. ”EXPUNGE THE EATERS! EXPUNGE THE EATERS!” Soon all the sprites were cheering “EXPUNGE THE EATERS! EXPUNGE THE EATERS!”

The Master Sprite began to panic. ”ENOUGH!” he shouted. Suddenly, he began to bloat. He became bigger by the minute. Eventually, the palace couldn’t hold him, and it broke. Sprites screamed and flew away for their lives. The Master Sprite began to eat sprites and catch them with his tongue. “I knew it!” Archie declared. “Oh my god! He is a Sprite Eater, chosen o-AAAAAAAAH!” Hermes began but he was caught by the Master Sprite’s tongue. “Oh god no! HERMEEEEES!” cried Randy. He flew after him, but was stopped by Archie. “No, Randy! You’ll get killed too! We need to stop him.” he said. “Grr….I’ll kill him! That dirty sprite-eating, couch-stealing…” Suddenly, Archie got an idea. He grabbed a chair from the ruined palace. “Hey, fatty! Eat chair!” He threw a chair at the Master Sprite’s face. He roared in pain. Randy grabbed a spatula. “The Sprite Eaters aren’t even real, are they? They are just a lie you created so you can eat us sprites, right?” he cried and he threw a spatula at his face. It bounced off leaving him unscathed. Archie took a TV. “You probably raided their village all the time too! You stole all their stuff!” he shouted as he dropped the TV on the Master’s toe, causing him to cry in pain. “Yeah, and you stole my mom’s cutlery too!” said Randy as he picked up a box of knives. He threw it at the Master’s tongue, and it cut off, freeing Hermes. The Master roared in horrible pain, regurgitating blood all over. “Awww, gross!” said Archie. “You went a little far there, Randy!” Randy laughed. “No, I didn’t! That son of a pixie deserved it all!”

The Master fell on the floor, writhing in pain. Archie walked over to him. “Well, darn it.” Archie said. “You don’t have a tongue to catch sprites anymore. And you stubbed your toe so you can’t walk for a few hours.” The Master Sprite was rolling around in pain. “I guess you’re at an impasse,” Archie said. “YEAH! IF YOU’RE HUNGRY, YOU CAN EAT THIS GARBAGE!” screamed Randy, trying to force-feed garbage to the Master before Archie pushed him back. “I’M SORRY…. I’M SORRY SPRITES. I WAS CRUEL, LYING, AND MONSTROUS. I WILL LEAVE NOW. BUT BEFORE I DO… CAN YOU ANSWER MY QUESTION, BOY WONDER?” the Master said. “Of course,” said Archie. “The answer is no. You can’t eat sprites. And anyway, that’s way too many for one day. It’s all about portion control.” The Master sighed. “OH… OK. GOODBYE.” he said as he rolled away. Archie smiled, and then suddenly, he remembered. “Hermes!”

Hermes was on the floor, with fatal injuries. “Wow…” he said. “I can’t believe what just happened. He was my god, my life, my whole world. And now he’s gone…” Randy panicked. “It’s OK, Hermes. You’re gonna be OK.” Hermes tried to smile. “Randy, you’re the best friend I could ask for. You’re funny, great, and an amazing friend. I’ll never forget you.” Randy began to cry, “And you, chosen one-” Archie interrupted. “It’s Archie. Just Archie.” Hermes smiled. “Just Archie… It’s odd how we met. We were sent to retrieve you by the Master.. I thought he was my hero, but he was a terrible person… we shouldn’t have met, Archie. But in a way, I’m glad I met you, Archie Smith, boy wonder.” he began to fade. “No Hermes! You can’t die!” Randy cried. “We were going to do so many things together! True, they all involved working for the master, but now we can actually do fun things, although I have no idea-” Hermes interrupted. “Randy, stop talking. You were great friends. I’ll remember you even though I only knew you for a few hours.” He smiled and then closed his eyes. Randy sighed. Archie stood up, with his head sulked. They were silent for some time.

“Well then….” Randy said. “What do we do now, Archie Smith, boy wonder?” Archie smiled. “I think I have an idea.” Randy smiled also. “That’s why you’re a genius.” The two friends gathered all the sprites together. “OKAY!” Randy shouted. “I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THE DEATH OF OUR LEADER- no wait, that sounded awful. I HOPE THIS FREEDOM THAT WE NOW HAVE IS- wait, what?- EVERYTHING YOU EVER KNEW IS A LIE-ugh! what am I saying?” Archie interrupted. “WITH THE BANISHMENT OF THE MASTER SPRITE, EVERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT! BUT WE CAN WORK TOGETHER NOW, AND STOP LIVING IN FEAR! WE’LL REBUILD THE TOWN! EVERYONE TOGETHER!” All the sprites cheered. Slowly but surely, the town began to be rebuilt. With everybody together, the town was rebuilt in no time.

Once the town was rebuilt, Archie decided to leave. He needed to go home. Randy understood, and took him home. “Goodbye, kid! See you soon!” said Randy. ”Bye Randy! See you later!” Archie said, although he knew that he could never see him again. Archie crawled back into his bed, the way he started. As he began to doze off, he heard a twinkling outside. He looked out the window, and saw a new star being born in the distance. It was the brightest thing he’d ever seen, and it appeared to be floating gracefully. Archie smiled. He decided to begin working on his baking soda volcano.



Soobin Jeong: Grade 7

The little voice asked, “Is he the one?” I glance at the window trying to see the obscure figure hidden by the opaque window. ” I don’t know.” I whispered back. Glaze looked at me with desperate eyes for a moment, and shook her head. Her father got lashed from the Blazers. The memory encumbered her. Our whole community was in chaos. We had many refugees, so more of us could be protected. The Blazers infringed our territory. It was simple because it is a steppe. It is on an escarpment. The Blazers were ruled by an imperious ruler, Thunder. He treated his people and lackeys horribly. He annihilated our whole community.

I held Glaze’s hand and we went through the window crack. The boy was sleeping. Sleeping was something humans did sporadically. Perhaps it was a convention. I felt my blood influx through me. It was terrifying because this boy was our last hope. We sprinkled twinkle dust to shrink him into our size. Our mission was sheer. We carried him into the cart. Suddenly the boy woke up, most of his mermory expunged. He screamed, as I tried to calm him down. I told him we were tinkie fairies. He thought this was eccentric, but he could not run because he was in an impasse. He tried to deviate from our grabs, but Glaze was stubborn and caught him by the back. She came him a sleeping potion and off we went to the Fifth Star, our home.

We looked for a sparkle, but when we came back, all the tinkie faires were lying on the floor. It was a peripheral damage for the Blazers, but it was a calamity to us. Glaze fell and started sobbing. I hugged her, but afterwards she sequestered herself in her cottage. I called for help, and quickly went to my cottage. I took the boy out of the cart, and shook him. I told him that he was our last hero. I explained that the Blazers were destroying the Tinkie Fairies and they had spread a scourge. I stalemated him while saying he must conform to the Tinkie Fairy society. He hesitated, but nodded afterwards. Good armor was indispensable for a hero.

We went to the Blazers community, in caution and heartbeats getting faster. My legs were failing me. The boy looked terrified. He looked at me and we stared for a while and I gave him the signal. He swooped down and landed down on the second crease. All he had to do is get the Glowing Stick that kept the Blazers organized and safe. I gave a tug on the rope. He was very subservient, I liked him. However, the rope started untying and was getting loose. The boy looked at me with his big eyes, almost filling with tears. He was young, he was frightened. I took all my might and tugged to pull him back up. However it was too late. The rope got cut off, and the boy landed in the middle of the territory. He stared at the Blazers. ” Attack!” yelled Thunder. He got lost in the crowd. I cried for so many days. He was not the one. I felt guilty and ashamed. ” The boy will always be remembered.” I whispered to myself while sobbing.



Sydney Hay: Grade 8

Disclaimer/ Background: this story is based of of the British television show “Doctor Who” some things may seem out of place and not make sense, but show this to any “whovian” and they will understand this completely. The tardis is a blue police box the Travels through Time and space. The sonic screwdriver detects things and unlocked non-wooden doors.

A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?” “Yes Melody , that’s The Doctor, the man that has haunted my dreams, opened my eyes to something new, and left me outside of my house.” said Amy Pond. The next morning there was a knock on the Pond’s door, “Hello Mrs. Pond, I am here to speak to your daughter Amy.” said the ebullient Doctor. Amy runs down the stairs with Melody trailing behind, Mrs. Pond immediately grasps Amy tightly and asks, “May I ask who you are?” “The Doctor, born in Gallifray, last of my kind, 987 years old, and very observatory. I also observe how acquisitive you are of your panache little daughter, oh Amy you look so adorable in your fancy nightie.” responded The Doctor. “Why thank you sir, I have a lot to tell you, show you, and most importantly ask you.” says Amy, “Mom he’s okay, he’s a friend” “Alright, come in Doctor, make yourself at home.”says Mrs. Pond. Amy, Melody, and The Doctor walk to Amy’s room, the walls are covered in paintings and figurines of tardis’s and The Doctor, some were magnificent but, others were daubs. “Doctor, why did you keep Amy waiting?” asked Melody. He replied, “It was never on purpose,my tardis was acting up, besides it was meant to be, Amy is the girl who waited. Anyway, who would like to come in the tardis, Amy?… That wasn’t a question, I know you want to come along.” The Doctor and Amy entered the tardis, the doctor looked back and said, “Come on in Melody, the tardis and I don’t discriminate, we love more humans.” Melody enters the tardis and whispers to Amy, “The Doctor has a lot of charisma and you could tell that he has so much inside that he dissembles with craziness, he’s kind of fit, don’t you think?” “Oh Mels, I’m not surprised you said that but, you have a point he is a bit cute.” responded Amy. “Alrighty ladies, where would you like to go?” The Doctor says, “Never mind we are traveling to the planet Goldilocks.” As they enter the gloomy planet, they searched for the problem that The Doctors magical paper brought them there for. The Doctor says “Everyone walks retarded, not that they are retards, they just walk slow, girls don’t call anyone retarded, that’s an affront insult. Maybe this world is a conglomeration of different things, my sonic screwdriver says that this building is filled will a cull of special aliens.” The Doctor walks in the temple like building and the two girls follow, two guards in reprehensible uniforms stop the three and ask in unison, “State your planet, why you come, and who you are.” “I’m from the planet Gallifrey, these girls are from earth,we came because my paper brought me here, and I am The Doctor and these are my two friends Amy and Melody. Might I add, you need to speak to your manager about your uniforms, their quite revealing, we have children here.” The guards look at each other with shocked faces and then let them in. As they walk down the hall to the meeting room, Melody picks up the planet’s wellspring and the two guards steel here away, as Amy tries to get her back and call for her, the doctor stops Amy, and they continue walking. “What’s your plan for getting back Melody?” asks Amy. the Doctor replies, “Still have that inveterate habit of asking questions I see and, don’t you remember, I am the most desultory person you will meet.” “Oh, right” abjures Amy. When they finally get to the meeting room they see an abnormally large and dour human, “What are you puny humans doing on my planet?” asks the man. “Oh no sir, I am not a human, but she is, I was sent here to do some business, I’m the Doctor, this is Amy and you are?” says The Doctor. “Lord Farquad of Goldilocks, the proudly heinous highness of all of Goldilocks.” said Lord Farquad. Being a strong misanthrope, Lord Farquad sent The Doctor and Amy to his cellar as a vindictive act to show who’s the higher one, it was then that The Doctor realized he was sent to Goldilocks to save all the people from their ruler. After the guards left the cellar, Melody snuck in with a key and saved them. Amy gave her a big hug and said, “Mel’s, I can’t believeyou would flout another planets rules to save me.” Melody replies, “I would never renege my promise to make sure you are safe.” “Oh Melody, you ingenious girl you, why are you wearing such different clothing?” Asked The Doctor. “We’ll it turns out I was the only thing in Goldilocks history that could pick up the planets wellspring, the stone of gold. They dressed me fancy and sat me next to a giant man, they called me an upstart and said if I could take the giant Nan’s head off, I would be the savior from their prophesy. The thing is I have to kill him with his favourite sword, the thing he is most penchant towards.” said Melody. “Allons-y girls, let’s go save this planet.” exclaimed the doctor. They snuck back to the meeting room and tiptoed towards the back of Lord Farquad’s chair, Melody climbed up the throne and Amy climbed up the other side while The Doctor distracted Farquad. The Doctor welled and got Lord Farquad mad then, Amy claimed up to his eyes and blinded them. While all of this happened, Melody stole his sword and dragged the heavy thing across his neck, his head made a thud, and the whole planet was safe from the tyrant. They declared Melody as Queen of Goldilocks, of course she could not turndown the offer, so she was the first female ruler of the planet. She was a fair and beautiful queen, that had a letting go ceremony for Amy Pond and The Doctor to go back to earth and act as if everything was fine. When they came back to Amy’s room everything was disappearing and Amy woke up. At that moment she realized her dream was reprisal to her real life, she is still the girl that waits, yet to be the one that waited.



Eleana Tsiamtsiouris: Grade 8

A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?” A deep voice responded, “Yes, he’s the one.” It was a heinous night and the wind was dour. Two goblins were outside the window of John’s bedroom, where he was ingenuously sleeping. They were on an important mission from their the head wizard. Their missions was to bring the cull of humans that were wizards to the Wizardland to teach them the responsibilities of being wizards. The goblins were misanthropes and acquisitive and only found the humans for the great amount of money they received, otherwise they hated going into humans’ houses. If they bring back twenty wizards, they will become upstarts and will be able to teach the new wizards. They started thinking of plans to capture John back with them.

After half an hour of thinking, they were desultory and had no plans on capturing John. The big goblin was ready to renege his promise to the head wizard, when suddenly the small goblin had a plan. The small goblin had a wellspring of plans that they used from finding other wizards. He also came up with a new plan. The small goblin had a charisma of persuading people to do anything. The big goblin had a penchant for this plan. The small goblin was panache that his plan would work. Then, they ran toward the front door to get inside the house.

The big goblin turned the handle for the door. It was locked. This retarded them from capturing John in a short amount of time. The big goblin told the small goblin to climb through the door for the dog, but the small goblin flouted. The smaller goblin looked under the doormat, where a spare key lay. He took the key and opened the door. They were now inside the house.

They took a few steps inside, when suddenly an ebullient dog ran up to them and daubed both their feet. This was affront to the goblins and the big goblin was vindictive and quickly came up with a plan of reprisal for the dog, but the small goblin abjured his plan and told him it was an inveterate habit of the dog.

They finally reached John’s room, where he was peacefully sleeping. The small goblin took some clothes out of John’s closet and dissembled himself as John’s father. The small goblin could not discriminate the goblin and the father since the disguise was so accurate. He woke up John and told him to get up for school. John complained a little, but he got up. He did not even realize that it was still the middle of the night. The goblins told him to follow them into their car. John got into the car and they were off to Wizardland.

After they left John’s town, they told him that he was a wizard and that they were goblins. John was furious. He wanted the goblins to bring him home or he will call the police. John did not realize that he left his phone at home. The goblins told him there is a wellspring of wizards, like John, attending the institute. The goblins also told him that being a wizard was very fun and that the institute he is attending will give him great opportunities in the wizard world. John was still not convinced. Soon, they were in the Wizard World.

John could not believe what he was seeing. Some wizards were flying in the air and some were teleporting. John was actually excited to be a wizard after this. He thanked both the goblins for bringing him here. The head wizard came up to John and greeted him. He also told John about the great events that happen here. John had feelings of elation. He could not wait to begin his classes the next day. The goblins were glad that they completed their mission.


Charlie And The Mice

Julie Kim: Grade 8

A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?”

“Yes, he is the chosen one. He was culled from the magic fishbowl, with thousands of boys his age,” the other small voice replies.

“I sure hope you’re right. This boy must help us stop the heinous misanthrope, Frank.”

“Lets wake him up, we have a long journey ahead of us.”

The two creatures warily scurry their way up, onto the bed and gently nudge the boy. The boy slowly turns around to see two mice, on his pillow next to him.

“AHHHH!!!” the boys exclaims.

“Shhh!! Hush child, you will wake everyone up!!” one of the mice had said.

“What’s going on?” the bewildered child asked.

“My name is Sam,” the mouse said.

“And my name is Blain,” the other said.

“We need you to help us. The animals in our land, Utopia, are in great danger. There is a horrible villain, who is plotting to hurt our land and creatures.”

“The magic fishbowl chooses a boy who’s destiny is to save us,” Sam added.

“And you are the chosen one!” Blain said with charisma.

“What? Why me?” the boys asked.

“The magic fishbowl knows what is best,” Sam answered.

“Okay fine. My name is Charlie,” the boy said.

“So Charlie, are you ready to fight the evil villain, Frank?” Blain asked.

“Yes,” Charlie said with panache.

“Great!” the mice said.

With no questions, Charlie believed that he was destined to help them and followed the mice out the window. When they jumped out of the window, they landed in another world.

“This is Utopia,” Sam said.
Charlie was amazed by the mythical creatures that stood before him. He was determined to save all of these creatures and defeat the evil Frank.

“So what’s our first step to defeat Frank?” Charlie asked who sounded very ebullient.

“It is an ingenuous plan,” Sam whispered.

“We go to Frank’s underground lair and daub some vaporizing lotion on him, which we will have to get from the pixies. That would make him evaporate in seconds.”

“Seems easy right?” Charlie said.

“Well, not exactly. Frank has a wellspring of dark magic. He created it and has used it to darken half of Utopia,” Blain explained.

Charlie’s face expression changed quickly to a scared look. The mice led him to the forest of pixies.

“Wow!” Charlie exclaimed.

The pixies were little small creatures who giggled and flew, sprinkling fairy dust everywhere. The pixies had never seen an actual human before. They all had a penchant for Charlie.

“We must go to Mother Pixie. She will give us the vaporizing lotion,” said Blain.

They walk further in the forest and finally arrive at a huge tree. The tree had elaborate gold swirls and lots of pixie dust. Blain, Sam, and Charlie all entered the tree through a small opening.

“Hello my friends!!” Mother Pixie said. She sees all of us showered with sparkling pixie dust.

“Sorry for the pixie dust! Our inveterate pixies are obsessed with sprinkling pixie dust everywhere.”

“It’s fine,” Blain answered.

“Do you have the vaporizing lotion we asked for? We are in dire need of it. I hope you didn’t renege on our promise,” Sam jokes.

Mother Pixie’s smile rapidly turned into a frown.

“My friends. Last night, a robber, we don’t know but, they stole the vaporizing lotion. I had it very safe, under dour security.”
Blain and Sam were very bewildered about what was being told.

“My guess is that Frank is one step ahead of you. He may be very reprehensible, but he is extremely clever. Also, traces of black magic were found near the safe. I’m very sorry,” Mother Pixie apologized.

“Oh, well… I guess we’ll have to figure something out,” Sam replied in a desultory voice.

“Is there anything else that could help us defeat Frank?” Charlie asked.

“Well actually, there is a enchanted water that could have the same effects of vaporization. You would need to go to the land of magical waters,” Mother Pixie replied.

“Great!” Charlie said trying to lift up the mice’s spirits.

The three leave the forest of pixies and head towards the land of magical waters.

“So why did Frank become evil anyway?” Charlie asked.

“Well, a few years ago Frank was an upstart. He would try to bribe and be a brown nose just to get invited to a royal ball. He always wanted to be king. Then our king Dustin, mysteriously died from food poisoning. Frank said he should be king. But everyone knew his acquisitive personality and abjured from the throne,” Blain explained.

“So then he swore he would get his reprisal and now I guess he is,” Sam added.

“But I can retard and cease his evil right?” Charlie asked.

“That’s what the fishbowl said,” said Sam.

The rest of the journey was silent. All of them were tired and weary. At last, they arrived at the land of magical waters. They spotted several mermaids sitting on rocks and swimming in the large pond.

“Excuse me ladies, but we are on a very important mission to stop the vindictive Frank. Can you help us?” Blain asked.

All they did was giggle and continued to swim.

Then a sudden voice said,
“Sorry, young mermaids can be so ignorant. Hi. I’m Hazel, Queen of the Magical Waters.”

“Hello, so can you help us? We were told by Mother Pixie that you might have some enchanted water that could vaporize Frank,” Blain continued.

“Yes, I think I can,” Hazel replied, “I shall get it.”

Hazel attains the water and holds it.
She explains, “You must use it only on Frank. The water will know if you are dissembling your true intentions.”

They all nod their heads showing that they understand, and now continue on their mission to Frank’s evil lair.
When they arrived at the dark side of Utopia, they started searching for a pathway or doorway to the underground lair.

“I found something!” Charlie exclaimed.

Charlie had found a wooden door. They all jumped down through it.

“I can see Frank!” Charlie whispered.

They slowly approached Frank from behind.

“I see you have found your way to my evil lair,” Frank said.

All of them who were surprised, quickly panicked.

“Yes well, we were just visiting you,” Charlie replied casually.

“I hear you are the chosen one, who will try to stop me. Ha, I doubt it. You are just a wimpy little boy,” Frank affronted.

“People always discriminated me, just because I wanted to be king. I’m positive that they were just jealous.”

“Please Frank, I should say that I am positive that you poisoned Dustin, our deceased king!” Blain retorted.

“Yeah! You flouted every law there could possibly be! You were basically a criminal!” Sam added.

As they were arguing back and forth, Charlie took the magic water and snuck behind Frank.


“Noooooo!!!” Frank yelled.

Frank quickly evaporated and was never seen again.



Michelle Wisnewski: Grade 8

A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?” Pointing to a boy sleeping on his bed.

“Yes,” I responded, “But, where do we take him, we have no place to live.”

“I guess he could live with us in that old hover car we found in the junkyard,” the tiny voice (my brother John) asked.

“I guess we have no choice, and we can’t just leave him since he is the last person in this orphanage.”

The boy that was sleeping opened his eyes and turned towards us with a curious look on his face.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“We are here to help you, my name is Sara and this my brother John,” I replied gesturing towards John.

The boy stood up nervously and said, “You know I am the last one, maybe even the last orphan on earth.”

“Your not alone,” John replied.

The people say that its not very common in the year 3040 to be in an orphanage or homeless. They mean with all of the technology and people, everyone had a home. They all had this picture of a perfect society where everyone is happy, but the president of the U.S. was really just a misanthropist who daubs his hate with fake charisma.

My brother who was 11 and I who was 14 at the time lived in a junkyard with hundreds of other children that had no homes or parents. The worst part was that no one knows about us because of our president and all of his panache distractions. The president knew about us but he discriminated us and left us to rot in the junkyard. We had missions every once and a while that were given to us by the oldest people in the junkyard to find lost and helpless children and save them. Thats how we found David, the little boy in the orphanage. He finally told us his name when he began to trust us, which was a long time away from when we first found him.

About a month from when we took David under our wing and let him live in our dour junkyard, he was starting to become a little acquisitive. He had just started to trust usHe wanted to upstart and become noticeable, he even talked about a revolution one day. I was very surprised that he was uncomfortable here an wanted to leave considering how ebullient he was when we found him a new home. Everyone else in the junkyard was inveterate since they had been there for so long. We didn’t know it but as time passed in the junkyard David was planning to overthrow the government.

“Come on, it will be fine no one will notice us walking through the city.” David said.

“No David! Overthrowing the government is a really bad idea!” I yelled.

“I mean just think about it Sara, we wouldn’t have to deal with that heinous president, and have you seen our living conditions?! This could be a new start for all of us!”

“Why can’t you just accept the facts David?! You’re acting like such an idiot!”

I watched as David’s face became sullen as he walked away and as soon as I said those words I immediately wanted to abjure them. I had never affronted David nor ever raised my voice at him.

I soon realized that David had a penchant for rebellion. I decided to let him go to the city, but I couldn’t let him go alone so I finally convinced John to come with me and him.

We packed up our things and headed off to the city, which wasn’t a very far walk and I’m glad it wasn’t or John would be complaining the whole time. One thing that did retard us was the security surrounding the city walls, we had to constantly hide and run from them, but it was kind of fun.

Once we got passed the walls we stole some hover-boards which saved us a lot of walking. I used to flout John because he rode his board so awkwardly. I kept asking David if he was sure of what he was doing and his response was always yes. But, after a couple of close encounters with security guards, near death experiences and trying to breathe with all of the city smoke around he reneged. I didn’t blame him cause I did want to go home and even when we were really close to getting into the The White Tower (The new name for the White House) we almost got killed by security. I guess he just realized that it wasn’t worth it after all. At first I thought he was dissembling, but he kept his word and we headed back home, luckily we only had a few near death experiences that time and of course John and I always held David reprehensible, since the trip was his idea. I mean he was always ingenuous, but we liked to joke about it anyway.

On our way back our hover-boards were desultory in speed, I guess it was because we used them so much. I culled them and piled them into a corner so that no one would trip over them, I mean we already had enough death stares and looks that said “You’re not from around here.” and we did not want to cause someone to break their leg or something. We walked the rest of the way home, which was about 2 miles.

When we got back some greeted us with smiles and some with death stares, but when they found out that we decided not to overthrow our government, everyone was happy again. We celebrated with a big feast and when me and David went to get water from the wellspring, I ran ahead of him got my water and locked the gate so he wouldn’t be able to get in as a friendly way of a vindictive reprisal.

In the end David remained peaceful and us the people from the junkyard built a pretty nice town with all of the scraps so that this David’s old feelings towards the junkyard would never happen to another person.



Emma Deutsch: Grade 8

“Is he the one?” a little voice said underneath the bed of Timothy Bean. The little voice was a small doll like figure, named Pinto. She was daubed in honey. You see, this girl came from a misanthrope society on the planet of Goya. She was talking to her master. This beautiful, ebullient, ingenious little girl served as a slave. All she wanted was to be free. Earlier that day, the King of Goya called upon her and her master to go to the earth. He had a vindictive against humans and was always spying on them or trying to find a flaw in their seemingly impeccable system. When she tried to run away on their way to the castle, she was daubed in honey. You see, The King of Goya did not have any wellsprings. He was always steeling his ideas from the people on planet Grassroots and Truffle. Because the population on Goya was so large, he was able to select from a large cull of people to go and spy on the other planets. Put he envied earth the most. So this time, he instructed little Pinto and her master to go and bring back Timothy Bean. Pinto promised she would do the best she could and would never renege on her promise. This would also be a reprisal to the earth, because the King of Goya’s brother went there and never came back. King Goya assumed the humans captured him out of discrimination and still have him in captivity and this action put him into an affront. King Goya had to abjure to the people of Goya there beloved king was gone. That is how King Goya upstarted his thrown. King Goya never acted happy that his brother had the thrown, but this event dissembled his true feelings of love for his brother and upset him. Pinto’s master lacked any desultory at all. But Pinto was excited. It was the first time she ever got to leave Goya. She walked with her master with extreme panache. Pinto found her master reprehensible, but she would have to deal with it. And so, Pinto got into the flying saucer that would spin her and her master to the earth. As soon as Pinto stepped foot into the world, she knew she was going to have the trip of a lifetime. She had a penchant for the rich colors and cool landscapes that it had to offer and sensed a certain charisma in the air. Goya was dour and had very little color. After hearing the King constantly flout the earth, she never expected it to be so nice. King Goya always said the people were heinous and had very little regard for them. Pinto and her master slowly walked into Timothy Bean’s room. They waited for a couple minutes and finally, decided it was time to capture him. But Pinto could not muster the courage to do it. Although her master yelled, “you are retarding our progress,” Pinto would not listen. Seeing the face of that small little boy was too much for her. Her master was acquisitive and only wanted the 100 dollars the King would give him but Pinto had a heart. And so, Pinto refused to capture Timothy and her Master could not do it alone, so they went back home and forgot this ever happened.



Christiana Psyllos: Grade 8

A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?”  He lies in bed replaying everything that happened at school that day in his head.  He still can’t believe that he received a note in his locker to complete a mission for the Secret Society of Students.  Tom was a new student in the school, his family moved around a lot because of his father’s work.  Tom’s panache and charismatic personality helped him fit in right away in his new school.  He had heard a lot about this long standing and inveterate society of students and it’s very high standards for whom it allows into the society.  Tom was very excited about the opportunity to become part of this society.  He wondered who was part of this society and more importantly who was the leader and why did they choose him to become a member?  He had some ideas who could be the one, the leader.

Tom had one week to complete his task, without anyone knowing it was him, before he received his next mission.  No one knows who is in the society until the end of the school year when they have a secret gathering and all the members meet each other.  Tom had become very friendly with Jackie and Stave who told him about the society.  They spent a lot of time together in and out of school.  Tom had a very acquisitive personality, he asked a lot of questions because he was curious and liked to learn about different things.  From the first time he heard about this secret society he was very interested in it.  They told him that there was a leader of the secret society and two teachers who chose the members and tasks to be completed.  Tom’s first task was to create a banner for the upcoming Wounded Warrior fundraiser.  He went home that night and quickly daubed a slogan on the banner to hang in the front of the school doors.  He got to school early the next day, hung the banner on the front door without anyone seeing him.  He completed his first task and waited for the next one.

By the end of the week Tom had received his next mission, which was to abjure something that means a lot to him.  He had to really think about this one and decided that he would donate all his artwork to the schools art gallery.  Tom had a wellspring of artistic talent.  He spends a lot of his time outside of school on his art and has a lot of pride in his accomplishments.  While his art collection meant a lot to him, he was glad to know that it would be admired and appreciated by all those that visit the schools at gallery.  The donating of his artwork was a sacrifice for Tom, but he knew he had to do it.

The school year continued and Tom continued completing his missions.  He continued to question who could be the leader of this society?  He realized that he was questioning everything and everyone’s actions.  He had became aware of Jerry and Allison.  Jerry always sat alone, avoided interaction with others and acted a bit misanthropic.  He wondered if Jerry was acting, was this dissemble an act to throw everyone off so as not to reveal that he was part of this society?  Allison had an ingenuous way about her, she always acted innocent and unaware but she also displayed great sense of character and leadership.  He thought to himself, “Is she the one?” Could Allison be the leader of the society?  Tom noticed that although they were different, they never acted in a heinous or discriminatory way towards others.  The society wanted students that were honest, intelligent and had strong moral character.

Tom learned that some renegade students tried to upstart a similar secret society but they failed.  The mission they gave to their members were reprehensible and affronted many students.  The students that started this renegade society were kids that were dour towards others.  They had started this group to be vindictive because they weren’t invited into the original society. Tom knew he had to be aware of the missions given to him, because the renegade students had given false mission to students in the past.  They did this as an act of reprisal because they received detention for their actions in starting the other society.  They had given a mission for a student to openly flout the school rules by stealing the football teams trophy.  Instead of being a positive influence on the school, this group was trying to retard the school’s mission and the lessons in leadership and kindness.

The end of the school year quickly approached and Tom finally received his last mission which was to meet in the school gymnasium the day before the graduation ceremony.  Tom couldn’t wait to find out who was in the society and to find out who was the leader.  He got to the gymnasium at the exact time and was surprised to see that it was dark and appeared that no one was around.  Suddenly the lights in the gymnasium turned on and he found himself looking at all the members of the Secret Society of Students.  There were about 20 students in all and on the stage stood the English and science teachers and Allison!  He was right, Allison was the leader!  He also turned to see his two good friends Jackie and Steve.  He saw many other familiar faces and they all talked and laughed about their missions and the mission of the society.  There final mission was to decorate and prepare the gymnasium for the following days graduation ceremony.  The Secret Society of Students didn’t do things in a desultory fashion, they put great thought and insight into their missions and the students they selected for these missions.  They culled students that are ebullient and have a strong sense of character, leadership and a penchant for giving to others.  Tom was thrilled and honored to be part of this long standing tradition.



Christina Bonaparte: Grade 8

A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?” A young child asked a parent if that was the man in charge. Here stood the misanthrope that we called our boss. The vindictive man who would make us work longer days as an act of reprisal against our asking for a raise. “Don’t daub the parts with glue!”, he would yell. “Dissemble that and build it right!” I felt as if our pay was always cut, each time, there was a new excuse, as if culled from a hat that morning. Why did we even bother, he was inveterate in his ways, and wanted to keep the money for himself. A penchant man. He was ingenuous, would do anything to stay on top, and to live a life of panache. I was new to the country and people discriminated against me. The American children jeered at me, because of my accent, using awful affronts to flout me. These heinous remarks would put me in a dour, desultory mood. However, I am acquisitive, I wish to be an upstart, who owns a company one day. Mama is ebullient encourages me to never abjure, and gives me hope, even when being an immigrant retards me from pursuing my dreams. We would walk down to the wellspring and sit talking about our dreams, we abstained from speaking of our reprehensible employers. We reminded ourselves of the charisma that brought us to this country, and we promised ourselves to never renege from our goals. Now as I stand and look over my employees, who I strive to give a livable paycheck, and treat with respect, I feel glad that throughout all of my bad times I persevered to become who I am today.


Samir Aziz: Grade 7

I was walking to school, one day, at a moderate pace when suddenly my friend jumped out of a large burrow holding a stop sign. He told me that he was assigned to be sidewalk monitor, and that I was walking way too fast. I was very skeptical that he was sidewalk monitor. Although I adore him, I do not think he is the type of kid to get that job.

I hid behind a bush and waited to see if he stopped anyone else. He stopped everyone that walked by, including people he did not know! This kid was a fanatic over his new job. Later on that day, I told him that he was way too zealous over his new job, and that he was only supposed to stop people who went to our school. He started making fun of me and acting flippant. He told me that by stopping all these random people, he was preventing them from noticing the huge glade in the woods that he accidentally made. He told me he was playing castle in the woods and he was barraging the other castle when he accidentally knocked their castle into a few trees. Those trees fell down making a huge open space in the woods. He had hit the castle so hard that he lay inert for 10 minutes afterward.

The next day in science class, something really bad happened to my friend. We were making this mixture that was highly volatile when my friend accidentally breathed the fumes in. This is bad because these fumes are caustic. Suddenly he had a grimace on his face and he was rolling on the floor holding his stomach. His cries were muffled by the screams of other people in our class. The teacher made everyone recede away from my friend. Everyone moved far away from him and the other test tubes. Although the teacher tried to calm everyone down, he was not able to assuage the other kids. He told us that the effects are not insidious.

Three hours later, after the pain was suppressed, my friend was feeling better. By now everyone was making fun of him. They all begrudged him because my friend got to miss four classes and he was not even badly hurt. They teased him and bothered him until the science teacher came back and castigated them all.

Two days later, the principle saw an aerie laying in the glen behind our building. He decided to find out where the nest had come from. He followed the trail of feathers to the glade that my friend made. He was not happy that people made a glade in the woods and did not tell him. He was so angry that he started yelling at everyone he saw. He yelled at the whole school and said that it looked like a brigade went through the woods. He yelled for two straight hours. No one in the whole world could mollify his anger.


Taylor DellaVecchia: Grade 8

A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?” Conor replies, “Well, I’m pretty sure, considering that I have been studying him and his family for the past year. I am very inveterate about solving this mystery.” “I don’t know, there are a lot of parts of this investigation that are dissembled. If you have the wrong boy, you will be reprehensible,” says Ryan. “Don’t flout my knowledge. Just wait, you’ll see,” replies Conor. The two boys slowly make quiet steps into the other boy’s bedroom. But before they reach the boy, they both realize how their surroundings are nothing like their panache rooms they’re used to, but how dour the room is and the dark shadows dancing across the walls, making them shake with fear but feel more confident that they have found the right person. Suddenly, the boy awakens by the sound of their footsteps and immediately tries to escape, but Conor catches him just in time, locking the door and tying his hands to the bedpost. After making sure the boy could not possibly escape, they are taken back by his orange eyes and his brown hair. As the two boys stare at the strange, frightening boy, he gives them a vindictive look. His face, unlike Conor’s and Ryan’s, naturally gives off a heinous appearance. Suddenly the strange boy starts to speak. “If you’re here to be acquisitive, I’m not the one that pays the bills.” “We would like to ask you a few questions,” says Conor trying to use his charisma. “Tell me, how do you have orange eyes and only wear black? That does not show your penchant feelings to be positive.” “As you can tell, I don’t believe in happiness or confidence.” As Ryan hears Conor ask questions to the boy, he starts to wander around the room looking for any objects that would provide evidence to say how he was born to be such a misanthrope and to prove that he is not ingenuous. He discovers that the boy has daubed his wall with different symbols all in black. This is a really big piece of evidence, because no citizen in the city is allowed to wear or use anything that is black, because it does not express happiness or joy. He soon discovers a huge filing cabinet full of many old books with similar symbols from the wall and weapons. He decides to cull some of the things to bring back home and further investigate. Though so far, all the objects found apply perfectly to their target, he soon comes across a counter top that has multiple pictures of friends and family (which seems normal, making things desultory) until he looks closer and realizes that everyone in the pictures has the same orange eyes and all wear black. As soon as he discovers the picture, he abjures the picture and tells Conor ,who gets an ebullient look in his eye that he might have the answer to the mystery. “Obviously there are others of you, but there is only one (being you) we have discovered. Now you better tell me where all your other friends are.” “I….., you will never find them because they aren’t………I mean,” stutters the boy. “Don’t renege, tell me where are  these strange and dangerous people.” “I won’t tell you anything if you keep on affronting and discriminating against them just because they are different.” “Fine.” “One more thing, if you guys are trying to figure out how we’re different, it’s fine as long as you don’t tell the government.” Conor of course says yes, just to get him talking. I come from a country called Rebellion where we, unlike you, is to fight for what we believe in and have reprisal against anyone who has done you wrong. “So you believe in violence and war.” “Yes, but we are losing so many of our kind due to the wars and need to find a way to get along. That’s why I’m here, I have been sent by the upstart of my country to spy on your community and to evaluate how you live and survive, while still having an opinion without getting violent.” “My great ancestor is the wellspring of our kind, and it is my responsibility to fix our future.” After talking through the rest of the night, Ryan and Conor decide to take the boy with them. “Shouldn’t we take him to the general, where are you heading with him?” “No, all he will do is erase their kind. Unlike him, I, too, want to discover the world of the Rebellions. Come on Ryan, let’s break the rules for once and experience the adventure and mystery story of a life time.”


Derek Chiang: Grade 8

A tiny voice asked, “Is he the one?” The vindictive tooth fairy, Ickaba, replied, “Yes, he is the one to cull. Yarma, you have a panache for discriminating bad boys who don’t know enough to keep their eyes shut.” “What will we do with him? Yarma asked ingenuously. Ickaba claimed she was joking, but Yarma knew that there was something wrong. For the first ten minutes Yarma went along with it. “Let’s just deliver the money and leave before he wakes up,” exclaimed Yarma. “I don’t want a daub on my clean fairy record.” “Hold on. I have a plan. Instead of giving money to the boy, we shall take his money and everyone else’s tooth-cash for ourselves and live luxurious lives. We will become upstarts together,” sneered Ickaba. “How can we do such a thing?” asked Yarma. She was shocked that Ickaba could suddenly renege on her promise to follow the Tooth-Fairy law. Obviously Ickaba was inveterately heinous, but Yarma had failed to notice. Ickaba’s penchant for money was so well dissembled behind her charisma. “You have the mind of a dead fly, Yarma” “How can you affront me like that after I’ve served you so well?” They ebulliently argued until dawn. When they finally realized that the boy was already awake and staring at them, they quickly improvised. “ It’s not what it seems,” said Yarma. “She’s right. It’s much worse than that! Grab him by his ugly un-pointy ears and take him to our fairyland. Never let him return!” commanded Ickaba. Daniel thought this was a hallucination, but soon enough he was in fairyland working as a hostage slave for Ickaba. He collected money from the wellspring and transferred it to her delivery station, while wondering how he would escape from Ickaba, the mini-flying misanthrope. The next night Ickaba approached Yarma with a list of addresses, stolen from another fairy. All the names were checked, showing that this fairy’s route was completed. Money lay under each kid’s pillow, waiting for Ickaba to steal it. “Yarma, instead of making deposits for lost teeth, we’ll be making withdrawals tonight! Strap on an empty bag to your back and let’s fly!” Yarma blurted out desultory excuses to retard Ickaba’s mission. She knew better than to flout fairy laws. The tribunal would abjure their excuses and demand reprisal in the form of hard labor. They silently entered the first house on the list: 116 Sumthing Road, Sara’s house The nightlight illuminated the Sara sleeping peacefully with one less tooth in her mouth. As soon as Yarma reached under Sara’s pillow to withdraw the cash, Sara’s mom came into the room and gasped at the sight of the two glowing fairies. The mom quickly swatted them to the floor with her towel and then swept them into a jar. She peered acquisitively at them through the glass. Yarma, feeling reprehensible, was the first to speak. Despite Ickaba’s dour looks in her direction, she confessed their crime. Sara’s mom was horrified to hear that they had kidnapped Daniel. “You better send him back to his family or I will tell everyone that tooth fairies are really thieves. Tooth fairies all over the world will be jobless forever,” she threatened. Ickaba and Yarma returned Daniel safely and then were sent to fairy jail to serve hard time.



Madison Rielly: Grade 8

It was a dour day in Dooms Ville and the heinous attitudes filled the air. The Unknown, had just inveterate in the town and he is already known as an ingenuous misanthrope because he abjured all the other villains of the town. Many people grew to hate The Unknown because he could flout on their ideas. He did not believe in partnership because everyone else was to retard for his wonderful charisma.   The Unknown’s next experiment was to create a perchanted wellspring that could be used in children’s schools. He reneged the fact that he was doing a good dead and clammed he was just acquisitive for money. But he was vindictive to perfect his invention in order to upstart himself to make him more popular then his evil twin. IN order to figure out the opinions of kids, he sent his sidekick in a panache manner to find an ebullient young boy to test it out. Once the sidekick arrived to the designated house which some might say he was discriminating against the other houses since he choose the green one (his favorite color) instead of the yellow. Through the wake-talky the tiny voice said, “Is he the one?” The Unknown said, “That is desultory since I cannot see him.” Once the sidekick arrived back at the laboratory and the kid woke up, he was affronted for the men stealing him for an experiment. The Unknown claimed the sidekick was the reprehensible one since he was the one who took him. The young boy said he did not like the exterior of the wellspring. So The Unknown disassembled the figure and daubed it with mud. The little boy enjoyed the new wellspring and eventually returned to home.

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