An Interview With Mr. Neil Sklar

Jack Davis: Grade 6

Mr. Neil Sklar is a teacher substituting for Ms. Shue Chieng, the 7th and 8th grade math teacher. Kenny Silver and I went to interview him about his life as a teacher and his academic background.

Mr. Sklar is an experienced educator, teaching since 2001. He taught as an elementary school homeroom teacher for many years. Last year, he taught Lower School science while Mrs. Maureen Vera was out on maternity leave. As a child, Mr. Sklar enjoyed learning, especially problem solving. He said he was grateful that he had many teachers who influenced his love for problem solving and figuring things out. Mr. Sklar likes teaching science and math. When asked if he likes both, he responded that it depends on the age. He prefers science for lower age students, because the activities are fun and hands-on. For older students, he prefers to teach math, because they have more of an academic background, and he is a math specialist but not a science specialist for older children. That was a little chat with Mr. Sklar. Hopefully, now you know him a little better.

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