The Winter Olympics At Sochi

Harrison DellaVecchia: Grade 6

This year, the Winter Olympics were in Sochi, Russia. Surprisingly, there were eight new events in the Olympics this year!

The new events were Snowboarding Slope Style, Skiing Slope Style, Ski Half Pipe, Snowboard Parallel Slalom, Ski Jumping, Biathlon Mixed Relay, Figure Skating Team Event, and Luge Team Relay. The most dangerous event this year was the Snowboarding Slope Style. Surprisingly, the United States won both the men’s and the women’s slope style! Shaun White is known worldwide for his Olympic Medals in snowboarding events. He was supposed to be in the slope style event for the men, but he dropped out because he thought it was too dangerous. This year the United States won a lot of gold medals in the Olympics and maintained strong safety while competing.

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