An Interview With Mr. Dane Robinson

Kenny Silver: Grade 6

Mr. Dane Robinson’s is Buckley’s new IT Technician. I interviewed Mr. Robinson and asked him a few questions.

First, I asked him how he liked Buckley, and he said that it has been great. I also found out that he previously worked at a high school. Next, I asked him what he specifically does here at Buckley. He said, “I support staff and students, work with iPads, make sure everything works, and make education more fun.” Speaking of iPads, the students have plenty of new technology currently and more on the way. For instance, new iPad 4s devices, a new multi-wifi system, Apple TVs, and the possibility of getting new SMARTboards with multi-touch, which means a split screen. Lastly, I asked him if there is anything he wanted to say to our readers, and he said that he loves to work at Buckley, he plans to stay a long time, and he plans to send his kids here, and “THANK YOU BUCKLEY!”

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