Debut Of The Literary Lion

Jack Davis: Grade 6

Calling all writers! Here is a preview of a new, fun column on the Buckley Bark: “Literary Lion.” You send it in, we send it out! Some fun projects will include: monthly Theme, writer of the month, poems, stories, and book of the month.

Monthly Theme – January – Winter Wonderland

Writer of the Month – Philip Pullman

Poems – Winter

Stories – Winter

Story of the Month – “The Golden Compass”

Here is what’s to come!



Winter Wonderland

by Jack Davis

Though the holidays are over

There is still magic in the air

Children play in ice cold snow

That falls in people’s hair

And when the fun is over

When children say their goodbyes

They run inside to warmth

Not knowing what they left behind

They left behind so many things

Like snowmen, snow forts and more

They left a winter wonderland

With snow and ice galore


This is one example of a poem you can write. We will have two poem columns. One

column is for poems that correspond to the monthly theme, and the second will be

poems in general. The example above would go in the first column. Feel free to do both


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