Winter Update

Madeline Simms: Grade 8

In the NBA this December, our New York teams are not doing so well. The New York Knicks, at 4-18, are 13th in the Eastern Conference. The Brooklyn Nets are 8-11, just barely making the playoffs, although it is hard to tell so early in the season.

The NFL, however, is doing even worse. The Giants are 4-9 and 14th in the NFC. The Jets are 2-11 and 13th in the AFC.

And then we have the NHL. The Islanders are 4th in the Eastern Conference, and the Rangers are 10th in the Eastern Conference.

The weather is getting colder! This means the layers are adding up and the clothes are longer. On the red carpets, we see the 1950s, baroque, cubistic and abstract, pajama-style, 1980s, and punk rock-style dresses. Plaids and check patterns, bright colors, knitted clothing, shimmery, fur, midi skirts, jumpsuits, and coat dresses are worn by the stylish right now.

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