Fashion Of The Season: 2015

Diana Turner: Grade 7

What’s up with fashion?!?! I’m about to let you know new, inside facts about the top 8 trends for 2015. Let’s begin:

1) Flared pants – Yes, that means tight to super loose, from the top to the bottom. Bringing back the 80’s.

2) Mismatched earrings – It means exactly what it says! One earring on one ear, and a completely different one on the other!

3) Platforms – They’re not just heels any more. They are platformed heels. Same easy feel of heels, just a little bit taller. Woah 2015!

4) Gingham – It’s a picnic table pattern yet much smaller, and a suit all together!

5) Bohemian Evening – Let’s get out of that “strict and sharp” age. It’s 2015! Let’s chill down, and go with loose and dim. But don’t forget: gorgeous!!

6) White Lace – That’s right, 2015 is bringing back beautiful, white lace dresses. But don’t forget the finishing touches: a long black tie and a cut, leather jacket. Not too formal!

7) Clean, Dark Denim – Jeans aren’t just for chill Fridays anymore! Now, you can pull them right off the shelf, and they’ll be as sharp as new. (Unless stained!)

8) Gladiator Sandals – My favorite! We aren’t just bringing back the 80’s with our own little touch; we’re bringing back clothes from B.C.!! Gladiator sandals are nice, clean white shoes with a choice of heels or no heels. You’ll tie them up, and they’ll tie you down! These new sandals are the new now.

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