Original Fiction – “The Knower’s Apprentice”

Iman Ghanchi and Kenny Silver: Grade 7

Chapter 1: Vortex Shock

I am THE KNOWER’S APPRENTICE. I’m 200 years old, which I know is a little young compared to my mentor, The Knower. He is 40,000 years old.

In the way age is calculated in your world, I would be 10 years old, and The Knower would be about 2,000 years old. Time is drastically different where I come from. But enough introduction, time to get to something a bit more interesting. I’m here to tell you a story. The story of the heroes that started long before but is still unfolding today. A story about science, time, and the ongoing struggle between good and evil.

It was midnight, and someone was working late in the chemistry lab in the secret U.S. government headquarters, located in Alaska. The chemist Jake Greenwich was working on a paralysis potion when he received a message from his artificial intelligence system on his phone that there was a problem. He had invented a form of artificial intelligence, showcased in his phone. His super computer’s name is J.A.C.K ­ Jake’s Artificial Computer Knowledge.

Without hesitation, he slipped into a secret compartment, leading him to his hideout. As he dropped down into his secret hideout, he quickly donned his superhero alias, Time Zone. Jake quickly put on his Time Zone super suit, (Which was a lab coat that is resistant to flames, electricity, and chemicals) and then checked his super computer. Time Zone found out that The Duplicator (a weak enemy) had broken into the DNA duplication lab in New York City. Time Zone rushed to the lab, but when he arrived, he found The Duplicator lying on the floor dead. Time Zone went back to the U.S. base, confused.

A few days later, Jake volunteered to test a new teleportation device. The tests were a success, and the scientists and Jake were asked to go to the Secret U.S. Government Tech Convention in Washington, D.C. Jake stepped into the teleportation device to get to the convention, but as it began to function, Jake blacked out. The next thing he knew, Jake woke up imprisoned in a dark cell. He looked outside and did not recognize where he was. He heard footsteps and began to worry. Mere moments later, a dark cloaked figure slowly approached him.

Chapter 2: The Vortex of Time

The mysterious figure sauntered closer. He grasped a large book in one hand and a familiar case in the other. He set both down on a table right outside his cell.

“I am willing to make a proposal,” said the mysterious figure.

“Who are you?” asked Jake.

The man replied, “Who I am does not matter. All that does is that I am from your dimension and know very well who you are.”

Jake replied almost comically, “Well then, tell me about that proposal you were talking about.”

A few moments later, Jake was putting on his super suit. The book turned out to be the book of time, the source of Time Zone’s power. “Now keep up your end of the bargain,” said the figure.

Suddenly, the lights flickered on, and Time Zone realized that the mysterious dark figure was just Vortex Shock (a hero who had the power to travel from dimension to dimension). Time Zone had read about him in the government hero files.

“Fine, but first why was I locked up?” Time Zone asked.

“Different dimension, different intentions. I want you to bring my ancestors back.”

“Why would you want that?”

“Weird things have been happening lately that I cannot explain, and I think it might be magic called by my ancestors ‘Mazano,’ and I found my ancient ancestors’ most basic book of spells. They called it the book of ‘Crēzno.’ I need you to bring them back so they can explain all of this.”

“But why am I here anyway. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“In this dimension, you are a super-villain, not a super-hero.” Time Zone almost bellowed now, screaming, very frustrated with everything.

“Why is that? I’m all good. I have never committed anything evil.”

“Different dimension, different personality, my friend. I am here to help you, but also because of what I explained earlier. Now, would you please agree to bring back my ancestors? I am getting a little impatient.”

“Give me some time. I’m still having trouble processing this whole ‘different dimension, different personality’ thing.”

To be continued…

In an announcer’s voice: “Will our hero agree to assist Vortex Shock, or not? Continue reading to discover! Read the next edition to find out!”

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