Original Poetry – “My Little Mime”

Annie Mulholland: Grade 8


I know a little mime doll sitting on the shelf,

He doesn’t talk to anyone, except maybe himself,

He has a long and slender body, a very handsome chap,

But if he tried to dance, he would fall down flat,

For on his feet are two shoes, every woman knows,

to be special torture devices, meant for the daintiest of toes,

I have a little clown doll, who barely makes a sound

He likes to play tricks when no one is around

Pranks and riddles are a few things he adores

and he always finds a way to get out doing chores


I see a few bridesmaids huddled close together

They all look on, solemnly as if under the weather

They all have seen their share of the good and the bad

of the happy moments and the times that make us sad

They were there for my mother, and her mother, so long ago

And they faintly recall the sight of a rainbow


I hear a doll singing up in the attic

Tucked in a box just where I found it

She’s weak at the knees and can hardly stand

Wisdom beyond words as a 120-year-old can

My Great great Aunt, had died terribly young

but her and that doll had a lot of fun


So I just described my personal hobby

which may seem odd, but I find it quite jolly

to see the history behind the faces

and how they came from different places.

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