The Opening Assembly

Source: The Buckley Bark
Source: The Buckley Bark

Max Lunievicz: Grade 8

On September 9, 2015, the Buckley school year began. As they do every year, the eighth grade directed the opening assembly on the first day. This assembly is not only a way to welcome old students into the new year, but it is also a way to welcome new students into the school by giving them a gift related to the theme of the assembly to commemorate their entry into Buckley. This theme is decided by the eighth grade at their grade-level barbecue before school begins.

This year, the theme was “Swans Among Us,” which was inspired by the children’s book, The Ugly Duckling. The eighth graders dressed in identical clothes but with one different item on each person to further represent the theme. Then, each new student and teacher was given a gift that went with the theme: a mirror. This was to represent that everyone is a “swan” inside. The assembly kicked off the school year, for both old and new students, in a terrific annual tradition at Buckley.

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