Mets Golden History

Amalia Sardinha: Grade 3

I love baseball. Specifically, I love the Mets and the Yankees. When Buckley celebrated the Mets a few weeks ago, I knew I had to write an article about it! Although it’s been a sad loss for the Mets, the Mets have a lot of great, rich history that is worth exploring. I, therefore, decided to interview Mr. Brett Topel. Here’s what I learned.

The Mets first played in 1962. They didn’t have as strong of a team as they do now. After a couple of years of hard work, they made it into the World Series. In 1986, everybody thought the Boston Red Sox were going to beat the Mets 5-3, but then the Mets made a comeback. They beat the Red Sox. Now, the Red Sox fans think they are the most unlucky team in baseball!

This year has been a great year for the Mets, and so far probably their best. Although they did lose, fans still love them. “I feel sad they lost, but I’m happy they played well all year,” said Mr. Topel.

Mr. Topel just wrote a book called When Shea Was Home: The Story of the 1975 Mets, Yankees, Giants, and Jets, which will be coming out on March 1, 2016. I can’t wait to read it!

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