A Review Of The Nike Mercurial Vapor X

Jack Davis: Grade 8

Source: The Buckley Bark

Though the Buckley soccer season has come to a close, playing the game itself will never cease to exist. Soccer cleats are a big part of the game, and sometimes, with all the companies and styles, it’s hard to find the right cleat. I am going to tell you about the Nike Mercurial Vapor X.

The more renowned Nike Mercurial Superfly is a cleat with a modern sock like fit. The Vapor has a more traditional approach, with a synthetic upper and no sock. It has a unique stud pattern that is designed for blistering sideline runs and deceptive cuts. Its thin, textured synthetic upper allows for a good and confident touch and closeness to the ball. A unique aspect of this cleat is that there is no tongue. This allows for a lock-down fit. It is very durable and has served me with no fail for the past six months.

The one minus of this shoe is that it has a narrow fit. It is not ideal for wide feet.

In total, the Vapor X is a great soccer cleat for fast, precise, and dynamic play. If you are looking for your next soccer cleat, the Vapor X is a great choice.

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