A Snippet From The Runway

Portia Inzone: Grade 8

Many Upper and Lower School students participated in Mrs. Katherine Reyes’ Fashion Show on Wednesday, November 2, 2015. The fashion line included a large selection of both kids’ and adults’ clothing. Whether a dress, shirt, or pant, Reyes made these clothes with true passion. They were all amazing! These vibrant pieces were worn on Buckley’s runway in the Upper Gym by not only students, but also faculty and parents. Students learned how to properly walk on the runway, and they were given the opportunity to pose in whichever way they wanted. Although some were nervous, the outcome of the show was spectacular.

While students were on the stage and laughing behind the curtain, parents were watching. Buckley moms were welcome to enjoy the show and were fed wonderful food prepared by Buckley’s kitchen staff. With loads of personal reviews and comments, I would conclude that Reyes’ Fashion Show was a huge hit!

This was an incredible event to host, participate in, and watch. We hope everyone enjoyed it and bought lots of clothes.

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