How To Study Smarter

Laila Mak: Grade 2

No matter what grade you are in, I’m sure one thing Buckley students can agree on is that studying is a big part of their lives. It is important, therefore, that we know how to study smarter. How do we study smarter? To get some great answers, I interviewed Ms. Jennifer Appel, the seventh- and eighth-grade English teacher who also teaches study skills once a week.

By talking to her, I learned that Ms. Appel thinks students should understand their homework before they leave for dismissal. This makes sense to me, because the student will know what to do when they get home at night.

Also, Ms. Appel suggested that students listen so that they don’t miss any of the knowledge the teachers are trying to give them. I totally agree with this, because listening will especially help if students have an upcoming quiz.

Overall, in the beginning of the interview, Ms. Appel said that, “Being neat and organized goes a long way.” I think that is the best advice she gave to our community, since this means studying smarter is something we always need to do.

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