Original Poetry – “Sweet Nothing”

Portia Inzone: Grade 8


I dreamed of utopia


Not one soul passed negatively

Not one frown sat on a face


Life was celebrated each day

And stress magically slipped away

Grey hair grew naturally

And being different was okay


Food was constantly abundant

Along with money too


Everyone stayed happy

And no one turned to the blues


They held hands and cheered

Without judgment or despise


And all went to sleep with smiles

That seemed to last a lifetime


I woke up to reality


With disease, death, and segregation

Sadness crowded the polluted air


Life was celebrated by choice

And stress even affected hair


Souls chemically altered their being

And having different qualities was frowned upon


Food was scarce around the world

And money was the sole object to depend on


Everyone was placed on a hierarchy

And many social barriers were defied


They were divided

Especially with judgment and despise


And all went to sleep with one thought in mind

Knowledge is the key to life

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